Repeats: Burda 1/2013 #119

Burda 1-2013-119 toastI made another two of these tops.

I used a burnout charmeuse in an animal print as the silk trim for the toasty caramel version.  I had even less fabric for these than I did for the first version, so I’m missing about 2 cm of width at the hip level on each of these.  I did the two-piece sleeve like my first version, too.  It was the only way I was getting these tops out of about 1 yard of fabric.  I also had to shorten the curve on the sleeves a bit, so there’s not as much fabric in the ruching as there is supposed to be.  Burda 1-2013-119 darkIf I have anything negative to say about this pattern, its the twisted bias trim on the neckline.  As you can see from the photos, mine are more like ruffles.  I just could NOT get it to twist by sewing the edges off centre along the neckline.  It’s too back, but I can live with it.  The only other changes to the pattern I made were to run a 1/4″ inch elastic through the neckline’s topstiched seam allowance because I did not interface the neckline edges as per Burda’s instructions.  I don’t care much for interfacing on the interior edges of knit garments for some reason.  I think there must be another way to get them to keep their shape.  So running the elastic was my quick-fix solution. Burda 1-2013-119 back
The darker version’s trim is one of the most beautiful-weight silks I’ve ever come across in my local Fabricland. Occasionally they’ll carry fabrics from Télio & Cie, which are usually pricey, but the superior quality speaks for itself. This fabric was the end of the bolt, so I got it cheap. I’m hoping there’s enough for a top left over after cutting the bias trims for this. I love all the jewel-toned colours in it. Burda 1-2013-119 toasty Again, all the fabrics are from my stash. It sure feels good sewing pieces from stash instead of buying something new. My goal is to keep shopping at home and only purchasing whatever notions or linings I may not have. Burda 1-2013-119 brownThese are the last of the long-sleeved additions to my casual fall wardrobe.  I’m loving them and hope they stand up to rigorous wear.  I’ve been wearing them non-stop.

5 thoughts on “Repeats: Burda 1/2013 #119

  1. Love your darker color combo and your shoes! You are doing just what DVF does with her high end wrap dresses and clear elastic to keep shape retention and eliminate interfacings.


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