Galactic Princess Costume: the Amidala-wannabe dress

Burda 1-2013-142Pretty, isn’t it?  This was a hoot to sew up.  I love sewing frosting and working with taffeta and chiffon and all things unnecessary to basic wardrobe survival. The pattern for the overdress is Burda 1/2013 #142.142_0113_b_amidala_dress_largeI used a poly black/white shot chiffon, black/white shot poly taffeta that reads like liquid silver and a poly silver shantung for the bodice lining and belt. I chose to add piping to the neck and arm edges because I just think it looks better than a simple turned edge.  You can see the poly shantung bodice lining below.Burda 1-2013-142 shoulder detailThe “epaulets” are remnant bits from DD1’s fish-scale skirt hand-stitched over the shoulder seams.  I must say, I like the sparkly bits.  And doesn’t that taffeta look amazing?  I changed the back to a corset lace-up style so that it can be worn without alteration if people grow.  The loops are self-fabric bias loops, and there’s a 4-inch wide modesty panel lying underneath, so lots of grow room in this garment.Burda 1-2013-142 laced backThe modesty panel is stitched directly to the underskirt along the bottom of the placket opening.  Burda had the skirt and lining cut as large rectangles.  I chose to shape them into very wide gores, with pleats to eliminate some bulk at the waist.  The pleats are then gathered into the waist.  I also cut the chiffon a slight bit shorter than the taffeta underskirt to prevent tripping and tearing of the fabric.  I think taffeta will wear harder than the chiffon through school halls and classrooms.  Here’s the back view with the belt.Burda 1-2013-142 backWhat fun, eh? The belt is a 12 x 32 inch long rectangle of poly shantung stitched into a tube and turned right side out and pressed. I used remnants from DD1’s fish-scale skirt, cut into strips and stitched down through all thicknesses. Very slowly stitched, I may add. Then I added the same silver trim from the blouse sleeves down the centre of the belt and finished it off with a heavy-duty velcro closure.Burda 1-2013-142 beltHere’s a pic of the blouse front with the self-fabric ties.  Perhaps they’re a bit long, but I prefer them to another texture (like cording). Burda 1-2013-142 frontIt keeps the focus on that belt.  Love the belt.  galactic princess costumeDD3 has already worn the ensemble around the house several times, and at one point walked into the kitchen without the blouse and a little black sweater over the dress.  “Look, mom!  It’s going to be perfect for Christmas Eve!”  It’s a good thing, since she’s outgrown Blue Christmas.


9 thoughts on “Galactic Princess Costume: the Amidala-wannabe dress

  1. Haha, just DID complete an Elsa costume for my eldest… can’t say I enjoyed sewing a synthetic stretch satin, albeit reasonable quality (man, it’s hard to achieve a perfect seam with that shiny, shiny fabric) but the costume was a huge hit and will undoubtedly get quite a bit of use. There are a lot more opportunities to dress up in costume as a young adult then there used to be 🙂 Your galactic costume is beautifully executed and will surely be worn to bits.

  2. That’s fab – it looks like you enjoyed making it. I miss the costume making in our house though I never made a pretty dress I had to do things like Thunderbirds, dinosaurs and Transformers!

  3. Makes me want to put sequins and taffeta on everything–but I have a boy! Looks like lots of fun. My condolences to all of your readers who are finishing Elsa “Frozen” dresses tonight. My advice: “Let it go! Let it go! Can’t take it any moooore.”

    1. I fully expected DD2 to want an Elsa costume, but after looking at the fabrics and patterns and pictures several times at my local fabric stores, she decided it was waaaaay cooler to go dressed in her big sister’s ninja costume.

  4. What a gorgeous dress with so much more potential. You clever thing to make it adjustable. Love all the trimmings and techniques…couldn’t you just see this as a holiday dress to wear when welcoming guests over the holidays? OK, maybe if the theme was “Christmases Past”. What a vision you had and what a wonderful result!


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