Sherlock or Rambo, depending on the mood

Burda 12-2011-148 sherlock

My little puppy, Nuggy-Baby, needed some new winter coats.  The first is rather official-looking, but it’s my favourite, made up from Burda 12/2011 #148.

Burda 12-2011-148 drawing

Both are lined with fleece for warmth.  It’s a dead-easy pattern to whip up.  The front closes with velcro with a button for decoration.

Burda 12-2011-148 plaid front

The coat is kept in place snugly with a belt which is stitched to the CB of the coat.

Burda 12-2011-148 camo buckle

And here’s the “I’m-tough-don’t-mess-with-me” iteration.

Burda 12-2011-148 camo

Oooooo…. Scary tough, aren’t you, Nugget?


12 thoughts on “Sherlock or Rambo, depending on the mood

    1. Hi, Caroline! I would have thought it would be available on the BurdaStyle website, but I see that it isn’t. You could track down a copy of the December 2011 BurdaStyle mag, or purchase
      Burda 7752. I, personally, would purchase the Burda paper pattern instead of the magazine, as you have more design options.

    1. I think you could slash and spread this pattern to get the size that you wanted. The pattern dimensions are 12″ in length (collar to tail) and 15″ wide.


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