The things I end up sewing…

giraffe booties for NuggettI made boots for my dog.  D’ya think he looks embarrassed by the animal print?

fleece dog shoesLeather soles.  Fleece uppers.  Giraffe, of course, although I admit it clashes with the Sherlock coat.  Gotta have some giraffe in a pup’s life, right?dog bootsGrosgrain and velcro closures.  No pattern used – just trace the paws, measure and make it up as you go.

What the heck am I going to be asked to sew next?

seriously bootiesBTW, he jumps and runs and hops around so much like a canine crazy that they fall off, regardless of how tight the velcro closings are pulled.  Stupid boots.


19 thoughts on “The things I end up sewing…

  1. So cute! But seriously, I need to make or buy a pair for my pups too. They get the snow and salt stuck in their paws and just cry until it melts or falls out. I feel so bad for them…they just stop in the middle of a walk and cry and won’t walk any further 😦

    1. My pup, too. Even our standard poodle of a few years ago would cry because of the salt. We always bathed her feet and put Aveeno on them if she’d been running around outside too much without booties.

  2. No, I don’t think he’s embarrassed. I think e’s waiting for us to catch up and understand the understated elegance of giraffe.


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