Silk Drapes II

So, this is my second attempt at mixing colours and stenciling the silk, and I am not happy.  I just cannot get the colours to work.  They are too opaque, and therefore too garish a contrast with the silk.  I tried mixing basic textile paint alone (right panel), with opalescent white (bottom centre), tried several other combinations and am not happy with any of stencil 2

I do like the newest stencil (Anna Damask), on the right, better than the original (Verde Damask).  I have one more stencil to try, and I’m going to try it with my wall paint, which is Farrow & Ball Brassica.  I want to see if the muddier colour looks better on the silk, and I’ll try it in the last stencil (Anastasia).  I’m also wondering if the chalk-based F&B paint will work on the textile.  If the Brassica colour works best but the F&B compound doesn’t, then I’ll mix acrylic paints, use a fabric medium, and try again.


6 thoughts on “Silk Drapes II

  1. Le sigh! Given I know absolutely NOTHING about this sort of thing – when you mention that it appears too opaque for your liking, the thought that popped into my head was maybe if you did an undercoat in a colour to match the silk, then you would be able lighten the amount of lavender/purple hue over the top of it because you’d be able to do it with a lighter hand and still be able to see the outline of the pattern? Not sure if that makes sense, or if it would actually work!

  2. I can only sit and stare at the screen and try to imagine how many hours you are going to invest in this project. Holy Moley, Tia…you win the award for determination!

  3. Enjoying watching the process. Have no experience to add anything here, just love the colors and stencils. On my small phone screen, the right side of the picture looks lovely. Good luck with next set.

  4. I am curious to see how this works out. For my part I can recommend the acrylics mixed with a fabric medium. I have had pretty good luck with Golden brand Gac-900 which has the added advantage of being broadly available. Mix with color to desired opacity, brush or roller it onto the fabric, allow to dry, heat set for fastness. It also doesn’t affect fabric drape too much, which might be a consideration for you with the silk. Good luck!

    1. Thank you, Courtney, for confirming what a few artists at my local art supply store told me would be the best way to get this project going in the right direction. I will be playing around with acrylics – Golden has an online colour mixer!! – and finally learning some colour theory.


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