Blackwatch Plaid Coat: Finale

blackwatch twirlWell, the skirt was fun!  As mentioned before, it’s six quarter circles, and it twirls magnificently.  Perfect for a dancer, no?  I didn’t hem it.  It’s faced with a 2 inch self-fabric facing which is stitched 1/8″ from the lower edge and catchstitched on the upper edge..  The hem edges are left raw.

blackwatch side frontIt’s above the knee in length, at her request.  She doesn’t care for long “dowdy” dress coats.  I did not match up the plaid on the skirt with the CF panels deliberately.  I thought with the ample folds of the skirt, it would be nice to not have the edges match – sort of a continuation of the broken plaid lines in the skirt. I did match all the plaid horizontally at the seams of each quarter circle.

blackwatch backBTW, I didn’t get any pictures of her wearing it with her hands out of the pockets, so the sleeves all look completely wonked in these photos.  You’ll just have to believe me when I say they are the perfect length and hang properly!blackwatch coat
Whew!  I’m so happy this project was a success and that DD1 really likes the coat.  I had to wrestle her into agreeing to have it made (stylish leather jackets look ridiculous in the middle of winter with a party dress), and I think she’s happy she did.  She’s wearing her silk & spiderweb lace LBD with it today, on her way to a school semi-formal.  Happy dancing!


39 thoughts on “Blackwatch Plaid Coat: Finale

  1. Any chance your daughter would allow another coat just like this one to be made??? I am tartan-plaid obsessed, and Blackwatch is my favorite. I live in the United States, so we wouldn’t be in competition, lol!!!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! I like seeing how all the little steps result in a big project like this, too. It can be overwhelming at the beginning, so breaking it down into pieces helps me get to the end of the race!

    1. I think about 2m of 150cm wide fabric went into that coat. I only had around 4m to begin, so I was scrambling at the end to get the skirt facing and the small bias pieces out of what was left after cutting the skirt!

  2. You took a classic plaid and turned it into wonderful and modern!! All along while watching the progress…it looked perfect for an older adult woman…and then WHAM…it transforms into fun and flirting…your daughter is truly blessed!

  3. A beautifully sewn garment, as are all that you make. Your daughter looks lovely in the coat. What fun that skirt is. Great for twirling.


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