#jumpingintojune with red linen

Burda 06-2010-141 red linen

Well, I’ve gone and jumped on the jumpsuit trend, thanks to Chris at Said & Done and all the general silliness that led up to it.  Y’know, a late night, one comment, and then another, and a dare and here you are!  I have no memory of ever wearing a jumpsuit.  Or romper for that matter, so the last time I wore one must have been before the age of two.  And I have no photo proof of that, either, so for all I know, I never have worn a jumpsuit until today.  Actually, I had an extremely artsy roommate during my undergrad years, and she had a beautiful jumpsuit with fish skin leather accents.  I confess to stealing it when I knew she wasn’t going to be around once or twice.  But it always looked better on her and I always felt like an idiot wearing it.

For this project, I decided to keep it simple and go with Burda 6/2010 #141.  It’s a plus-sized pattern.  Yup.  I’ve officially crossed into plus-sized territory, and I wanted this to be a cut-and-sew make.  So I measured twice and cut once.

You know I’ve loved Burda pants blocks, and this is no different. Every measurement matched mine from crotch depth to crotch length, hip width to inseam fit. Without tweaking. How lovely is that? And here’s the proof from the back.  Even Mrs. Mole has gotta be happy with this one!

Burda 06-2010-141 back

I did do a 1.5 inch FBA after I shortened the bodice by 3 inches.  I could have shortened the bodice another inch – the blousing is a little too much for me, particularly at the sides.  And I kept the super wide legs and left off the shoulder straps. I thought I may as well go the whole hog on this one. Since it’s a jumpsuit.  And it’s red.

Burda 06-2010-141

I delved deep into my stash for this washed red linen.  It was washed and dried several times prior to cutting because I was hoping for that really washed linen softeness/drape.  Although it still wrinkles and creases like linen.  Looks best from the back!

Burda 06-2010-141 red linen back

I lined the bottom half with bemberg rayon to the knees.  I cut the lining on the cross grain, so the selvedge is the lining hem.  Less work for me and it doesn’t create unwanted ridges when the garment gets pressed.


I treated the lining and the trouser part of the jumpsuit as one and used the bottom edge of the bodice to create the casing for the elastic.  Burda’s version calls for elasticated ties, but I’m always going to wear this with a belt, so I left them off and stitched down the ends of the elastic on either side of the CF, so that the CF waist is flat.

Burda 6-2010-141 pockets

My favourite thing about this pattern?  The pockets.  I love them!  It’s basically a welt pocket without the welt.  A long rectangular opening about 2mm wide that is topstitched 3cm from each end, leaving an opening for your hand.  I wasn’t going to bother with them, since pockets always add bulk around the hips, in my mind, but since fitting is almost non-existent in this pull-on garment, I thought I’d just keep them.  Coolest pockets insertion ever.  I’m super happy with them, and they don’t add that much extra stuff across the high hip…. I think.

Burda 06-2010-141 linen

The first of several dance performances for DD1 was tonight, and when she saw this, she insisted on my wearing it.  I honestly wasn’t going to, as it screams RED JUMPSUIT.  But I did, and it was surprising easy to drive in, sit in, walk up and down stairs in and it was cool in a hot stuffy theatre and warm in the cool evening dampness after the show.  I didn’t lose the top.  I didn’t trip over the super long-and-wide trouser hems and no one stared at me.  (Well, that I noticed, anyway.  People can be very discreet about side-long glaces.)  My DD’s loved it (DD3 has asked for one).  DH said nothing except, “Your pants are too long.  They’re dragging on the floor.” And a good friend raved about it.  Well, now I have a crazy jumpsuit in my closet.

Are you making a jumpsuit?


35 thoughts on “#jumpingintojune with red linen

  1. I love everything about this, truly – it’s simply stunning on you, and what’s not to love about red linen in wide flowy trousers?? 😀 You got an amazing fit too – Burda does have a perfect trouser block, for sure!! Those pockets are delightful, I’d be secretly admiring them the whole time wearing this, if I were you ^__^ I have never quite understood why people say jumpsuits are hard to wear; they are as comfortable as trousers with the ease of a dress – no thought required! 🙂

    I am tempted to make another jumpsuit in a more casual fabric now – while I wish my everyday lifestyle warranted silk duchesse, it really does not – far from it LOL ^__^

    1. I’d love to see you make another jumpsuit. They are truly addictive. I’m debating on stash vs. new fabric for another khaki-safari-military one.

  2. Yes, the fit in the pants section is amazing and the color…to die for! You make the rest of us drool and wish we had the courage and events to wear something similar. With all that elastic at the top visiting the bathroom should be no problem and what a great neckline for some killer jewelry!

    1. Thanks, Mrs. Mole! I was so happy with the no-tweaking-required fit of these pants. Now I’m going to go back and tweak out that extra bodice length because every time I look at the pictures I think it looks like a bad case of pajamas….

  3. Oh my! your jumpsuit is wonderful! So is your hair! Once again, we’re leading parallel lives, I just finished up a jumpsuit as well, so I’m right there with you on the ole’ bandwagon!

  4. Wow! I’ve just blogged about a turquoise linen dress myself, but red is my favourite colour. This style jumpsuit looks amazing on you! I chickened out of the challenge, to my shame…

    1. Oh, I wouldn’t be so hard on yourself. Chickening out is probably just good sense! I mean, realistically, this garment will be worn once or twice per season. If it gets lucky. 🙂

  5. great job tia – love the red & those pockets!!!! ive been wanting to try a jumpsuit, i just fear the frustration of having to take the whole thing off to use the bathroom :/ haha

    1. Aren’t the pockets the best? I would never have thought of such a pocket on my own. And the loo issue isn’t more of an annoyance than wearing some fiddly dress with stockings can be!

  6. Wow! This is so fantastic!! I always shy away from red, but I always think it looks great on other people. Love this jumpsuit on you, it looks so classy. And linen… mmmm 🙂

  7. You look fabulous in your red jumpsuit! I tried on a jumpsuit in a store recently and was surprised at how good it looked and felt. I came home and started bookmarking jumpsuit patterns.

  8. Jumpsuit? Moi? Perhaps if it looked as good on me as it looks on you, I would!
    Love it, and I also love your new hair colour (or did I miss too many of your posts?)
    I’ll have a look at those pockets, they look really good!

  9. This looks fabulous on you. Very dramatic!

    But I think I’ll just live vicariously through you. I can’t deal with the hassle of going to the loo in a jumpsuit!

  10. It’s actually the last thing on my list of ‘Things to Sew’ but I’m mightily impressed with yours and just maybe I’ll move the jumpsuit up the list a bit. You really suit red.

    1. Thanks, Ruth. I like red, and my stash choices for fabric were muted orange, striped brown or rust linen for this project. Red seemed the least offensive.

  11. Tia Dia, I salute you! This looks amazing! I think you are right: bright red IS the colour to go for jumpsuits. I even feel inspired to try another one …
    Well, I’m gonna wear mine “out” for the first time tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes.
    I think the best proof of concept for yours is your daughter wanting one too, If that doesn’t ennoble #jumpingintojune that I don’t know what does!


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