A Plethora of New Tops

MMM15 Day 12-2

So I’ve been sewing up a few new tops.  The first one is Burda 7/2012 #136, without the ties.  No comment on the ties.

134_0712_b_largeI’ve been wanting to use fabrics I’ve been collecting over the last few years, and this combination of 14 oz rayon-lycra jersey in oatmeal and the scraps from my chocolate Burda 1/2013 #119 seemed to fit the bill. The chocolate jersey is 11 oz, and it doesn’t have the heft of the oatmeal fabric, but it manages. The bands are cut on the cross grain, on a fold, so the folded edge is the neckline. I had to do some tweaking to get the angles of the shoulder, CF and CB seams just right in order to feel secure in this top. The neckline sits (quite) wide. I ended up putting bra keepers in the shoulder seams just for added peace of mind. If you look at the Russian Burda site, lots of versions of this sexy neckline just slip off shoulders coyly. I’m not so coy, so I made the shoulders secure.

Burda 7-2012-136 side

The next top is my go-to for tees.  I just love the fit, neckline and little gathered raglan sleeves of this design:  Burda 02/2013 #126.

I have two versions that are new to me.  First, the crocodile print.

MMM15 Day 6

And then the polka dot one, upcycled from my purged McCardell dress.

MMM15 Day 7

There was so much fabric in that skirt, that I also made a second version in a bigger size of Burda 09/2011 #106. I don’t know what it is about that dotty jersey, but I just love it. Must be the combo of chocolate and olive.

And last, but not least, this little number from Burda 06/2014 #103. 103_062014_b_largeI didn’t quite have enough linen fabric to cut the required length, since this came in a package of roll ends from EOS.  So I added tiers to the bottom.  It’s rather loose, contrary to what the photos look like, which is a good thing.

Burda 6-2014-103 linen top

Here’s a detail shot of the shoulder.

Burda 6-2014-103 liberty

The jersey is intersected by petersham ribbon, which has been edged with bias binding.  It creates a structure from which the jersey literally hangs.  Brilliant.

Burda 6-2014-103 trim back

I used a Liberty Arts Fabric print, and I cannot for the life of me find the name of it.  If you know, please share it in the comments!

Burda 6-2014-103 linen top back

I love the linen jersey.  It’s so light and comfy and luxurious.  It was a PITA to cut, though, because the grain was all skewed.  In retrospect, I coulda/shoulda used petersham in a more contrasting colour to make the binding pop a bit more.  But this is subtle, and I’m happy to wear it, as I am all these new tops!  I did make up one more top in a coral jersey, but the pattern (and solid colour) was all wrong, so I thrifted it.  Well, five keepers out of six ain’t bad! And I’m happy to be sewing my stash!

Do you like sewing new tee patterns, or go for TNTs?


24 thoughts on “A Plethora of New Tops

  1. You have been busy, great tops and I’m really glad to see the 6/14 one made up, really like the trim you chose. I might remake a pattern a few times, especially if it’s a basic, but I always like to try out new ones too.

  2. You’ve been busy and what a great result! I tend to use TNTs for knit tops more than for other garments. I might need to add that last one to my portfolio though. Love what you’ve done with the trim and coordinating ribbon. Very chic

  3. Only you could make the humble tee look so chic and amazing! 🙂 You know your colours and styles so well – it’s always inspiring to see how you combine them 🙂 I’m only JUST starting to have some TNT’s but I admit, it’s so much easier to gravitate to those patterns, knowing I won’t have to trace, muslin, and wrestle with all the fitting stuff. Still, there’s tons of patterns I haven’t tried yet that I want to make so I will always be trying new things too ^__^

  4. My fav is the croc top pic. OK, I know it’s generally not a good thing to blend into the background. But there’s something timeless & majestic about that setting, and you look like a bas relief sculpture coming to life! OK maybe that extra glass of vino wasn’t such a great idea…

    These are all great outfits. I’m loving the color schemes and poses. Miss J would be proud of you and the pooch! 😉

    1. Yeah, I couldn’t plan anything from the bas relief business to the clean dog choreo if I tried. Trust me, it all happens naturally without any thought. haha!

  5. All of them lovely. I really like the detail in the last one – thanks for showing us that – inspiration to use on other items. And the chocolate and olive together is sweet. A very fruitful sewing expedition.

  6. Beautiful tops! I’ve been thinking of making that wide shouldered one for a while now, so it’s good to see your version. Really love the last top too. Just fantastic work!

  7. Love the new tops, the last one is pretty fab, I must have overlooked it completely in the magazine!! I’ve been making a few tops/tees too, trying new patterns which hasn’t always worked out according to plan. But these I must try…

      1. A quick question, if you don’t mind, what size did you use for these? I’m not sure they’d fit me as the sizing stops at 44 for some of them.

      2. Hi, Anne! I find Burda’s knit patterns fit one size big, so currently, I trace off a size 44 and grade out to a 46/48 through the waist and hips. If the knit is a bit more stable, then I’ll do an FBA. I did not do an FBA for any of these tops. Hope this helps!

  8. Wow, love all those tops! But the last one is just amazing. I’ve been toying with the idea of making this up but could never quite visualize how those sleeves would work. Your version is just amazing!

  9. Love all your new tops. Pretty good find, that Petersham in the same color as the linen jersey. Where do you buy your Petersham and linen jersey? I see the linen jersey at EOS. As for making TNT v. new? I’m creating all new TNT’s this year, as the old ones are too big, so that is a good thing. But once I have TNT’s, why reinvent the wheel?

    1. I have two choices for petersham: Mokuba ($$$$$$$) or buying it online from TheSewingPlace.com. I love their service and they have a great selection of colours and widths.


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