Drop Dead Buttonholes

These make-me-drool buttonholes arrived in my mailbox this morning from the blog Made by Hand. They made my jaw drop.

15 thoughts on “Drop Dead Buttonholes

  1. these are EXACTLY the kind of buttonholes I’m currently trying to learn how to do for a jacket I otherwise finished last winter LOL. If only mine looked even HALF this beautiful!!! ❤

  2. I just adore Jeffery’s buttonholes, all the styles he produces are just so beautiful and sheer perfection.
    Thanks to his blog and the videos and recommendations I was able to produce some reasonable buttonholes on the Claire Shaeffer Chanel style jacket I made for my daughter.
    So wonderful when talented people share……………………oh to be able to achieve such a perfect buttonhole……..still dreaming of that, but what a total inspiration.

    Have you seen the asola lucida that he does on the lapel…………………….sublime.


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