Salvage September Project 1

Back in Me-Made-May earlier this year, I whipped up a version of Vogue 1179. I used a poly-lycra roll end from my stash in a reptile-ish print.  But I wasn’t happy with it because it really needed an FBA to hang properly.  And I felt like a frump every time I wore it.  Definitely a wadder project, although I really really like the idea of this dress.  I just don’t feel stylish wearing it.  I even gave away my earlier red version because the fabric was only an 11 oz rayon-lycra and I felt so self-conscious wearing it.

MMM15 Day 27

So I took the latest rendition apart and saved the fabric by turning it into one of Burda’s shapeless boxy tops that take 30 minutes to trace, cut and sew (Burda 05/2012 #109+110).

Burda 05-2012-110

I’m surprised at this, OK?  I have never gravitated towards shapeless anything, but this was a gamble I was willing to lose.  I like it.  If it wouldn’t look weird, I’d wear this top three times a week. Why?  There is nothing special about it. It’s just an over-sized box with a wide boat neckline that can maybe sorta fall into a cowl-ish shape on the front.

Burda 5-2012-110 cowl top

I made it more interesting for myself by adding the shoulder ties and pulling them up to about a 10cm width.

Burda 5-2012-110 front

Lots of room in this, I think, is what I’m liking.  It’s not figure conscious, which translates to comfort, physically and psychologically, perhaps.  It was a good use of the fabric.  And now that I know I like shapeless tops and they don’t look as horrible as my mind’s eye insisted, I’m not afraid to try more.

Burda 5-2012-110 back


18 thoughts on “Salvage September Project 1

  1. Good thing you turned that cloth into this fantastic looking top! Although I would like the neckline to be a lot more obviously cowl shaped. Nevertheless, nice looking top and the shoulder ties are a simple addition that really worked!

  2. Love the shoulder ties! So smart. This was a great way to save that fabric, funny how shapeless really does work sometimes! It’s especially nice with that skirt.

  3. Brilliant save! Well done you and you look fantastic in your ‘new’ top.
    I have quite a few dresses that could do with this treatment. Thank you for the idea.

  4. I’ve made this one a couple of times too. I think a looser top really works with a narrower bottom, exactly as you are wearing it here, great looking outfit.

  5. Love your fabric-so glad you gave it a second chance! The skirt is a perfect pairing. I did not think “Frump” when I saw the initial dress, but i agree that the new iteration is more “you”.


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