Salvage September Project 2

Remember this dress?

Well, it went into the “remake it pile” when I purged my closet.  I initially cut it apart with the intention of making another dress, but that went out the window once I’d laid out all the pieces and realized only the skirt was really going to be salvageable.  Burda classics 0015 blouseSo I traced off this little sleeveless number from Burda’s 2012 FW Classics issue.  There was just enough to squeeze it out, although I did end up piecing some of the facing.

Liberty Bea

I lengthened the back by an extra 4cm, hemming it with right-angle corners instead of grading it to meet the front length.  It means I can tuck it in securely at the back, or, when it is left untucked, have sufficient coverage when I sit or bend over.

Burda Classics 2012 #15

I’m quite happy with this little top, especially the collar.  And quite happy that I have a garment which will see more wear than the dress ever did.

Tie front blouse



14 thoughts on “Salvage September Project 2

  1. Your projects are consistently impressive. I’m copying links to all of these patterns! I love the collar on this and the fabric is so pretty. I usually don’t wear sleeveless because I’m self-conscious about any gape around the arms (due to my still-weak fitting skills around the shoulders and bust area), but I’m going to give this one a try next summer.

    PS I feel the same way about navy blue – my alternative to black, which doesn’t suit me at all.

    1. haha! I knew, Mrs. Mole! Brown is my favourite comfort colour, like black is for others. I’ve always feel stark and harsh when I wear black, and so brown is my ‘black’. And it seems to work with all the colours that I like to wear…


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