Excitement in my sewing room

Imagine!My serger gave up it’s ghost last week, and I am in the throes of costume making.  The last big PR Sewing Bee project was made with just my regular sewing machine, zigzagging all the seams instead of serging them.  But today, I just felt desperate at the thought of zigzagging all those costume seams when what I really would like is properly serged seams.So I took my faithful old White Superlock into Joe, who has been keeping my machines healthy for the last 25 years.  He has gently suggested trading in my old serger for a new one every time I’ve seen him for the last five or six years.  Well, look what came home with me today!

new sergerAnd now I can happily get going on this little gem for DD2.  Can you guess what it’s going to be?costume

15 thoughts on “Excitement in my sewing room

  1. Not having kids I have no idea about the costume, although it looks as though it must have been challenging to sew!. Ahem though you are making me think I should take my serger out of the box (yes, I have one that I haven’t used yet as I don’t want to watch the accompanying videos about threading…how silly is that?).

  2. Oh wow, a new toy! Yay! It looks so clean and white! I bet you will spend years and years of cool and pretty projects together. Hmm, is that for Queen Elsa’s dress? I hope you post the finished product, I want to see!

    1. I love it. It’s got an automatic adjustment, so I don’t have to fiddle with dials or tension until I’m happy. I have some jeans to sew up this week, so I’ll see how it does with the denim. But so far, so good!

  3. Congratulations!! When you sew as much as you do, it is certainly worthwhile the investment in proper equipment 🙂 RIP to your old machine, and I wish you and your new serger many years of joy together ^__^

  4. Ooh – nice new, serger. I am stroking mine and talking nicely to it as it has become a bit huffy. I’m hoping not to need a replacement.
    I see Frozen costumes too. Have fun sewing them.


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