Rosie the Riveter

Burda 05-2010-119 jumpsuit

I’ve made another jumpsuit, albeit for DD3, this time ’round.

She wanted to be Rosie the Riveter for Hallowe’en, and I offered to make her a denim jumpsuit if she agreed to it becoming part of her wearable wardrobe.  She gave it a few days’ thought, and said yes.  Yay!  After scouring Burda’s website, she loved the May 2010 jumpsuit best, so I found the magazine and purchased it via eBay from Germany last week.  In a perfectly-timed coincidence, Fabricland emailed me a coupon for 50% off any single cut of fabric, and I used it for 4 metres of stretch cotton denim, purchased last Friday.  The Burda magazine arrived on Tuesday, and I’ve been sewing ever since.  Today she wore it to school.

The pattern is pretty straight forward, but, because the magazine is in German and Google translate is horrible for sewing terms, I didn’t follow the directions.  And I made some changes:  I put a proper placket and cuff onto the long sleeves; left off the epaulets; and omitted the elasticized hems on the trousers.

Burda 05-2010-119 front

My DD3 loves blue, and wanted blue buttons and blue top stitching.  The shirt pockets are faux, although I made fully functioning buttonholes because I don’t like the look of buttons sewn over faux buttonholes.  I think it looks unfinished.

Burda 05-2010-119 jump!

The trouser portion of the jumpsuit runs large.. surprisingly.  I cut DD3’s recommended size, and then narrowed each side seam of the trousers 3 cm to get a good fit.  No other changes were made to the pattern.   In retrospect, I’d lengthen the back crotch length, but she hasn’t changed out of it since coming home from school, so it must be comfortable.

Oh, and, because it’s a jumpsuit, here’s another jump!

denim jumpsuit

15 thoughts on “Rosie the Riveter

  1. Wow! I absolutely love this. This is a great idea for a costume and the finish and fit are wonderful. Your daughter looks great (and happy!).

  2. Love the fact it will serve two purposes! Costumes end up at the back of the closet and unloved so it is a bonus that she will wear this again. She looks just darling and clever of you to make only pocket flaps and proper buttonholes!

  3. Cool piece of clothing! Your daughter is very lucky! By the way, when I made the jumpsuit a little while back I couldn’t quite fathom the instructions either, with German being my first language, so it might not be necessary to blame google translator… But if ever you can’t figure out the translation, feel free to ask. I can translate from German to English, although I might be able to translate from Burdaland to reality 😉

    1. Thanks, Chris! You came to mind when I was a bit panicked, and, since there’s other patterns in this issue that I can’t quite figure out from the line drawing, I’ll be emailing you!


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