It’s WDS Day!

Happy World Down Syndrome Day, everyone! Down Syndrome (also called Trisomy 21) is caused by a third 21st chromosome, so we celebrate it on March 21st.


13 thoughts on “It’s WDS Day!

  1. Happy Day! I work in data research (primarily in cytogenetic anomalies) and I didn’t know. World Birth Defects Day was a few weeks ago and we did a fair bit of education then
    Your daughter looks a livewire 🙂

  2. Happy WDS Day to lovely mother and daughter! The beginning of spring is a perfect time for such a day. My niece and little grand niece just had their wonderful celebration over the weekend. Love to all.

  3. I used to teach DS children, or I should say, young adults, and an absolute pleasure it was and so totally grounding to our otherwise educational “high achiever” goals. There’s a very comforting realistic return to what’s important when interacting with these very special people. You are very lucky – always remember that.

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