I do NOT want to make this dress

About one month ago I was asked if I made custom dresses.  I demurred, but the emails persisted, so I gave a quote for the job once I’d seen the dress I was to copy.

But I can tell you that the bodice looked like a very bad attempt to copy an Herve Leger bandage-type bodice, with a very large piece of cotton sewn to the bottom of it in a huge circle skirt.  In the pic that I’m supposed to work from for this project, the skirt fabric looks like it’s been wasting away in the back of a closet for about 18 months, it’s so creased.  And the ‘bandages’ of the bodice are AWOL.

Ms. Rs materials

My quote for labour/design was deemed acceptable, and I was given a bag with the goodies you see above:

  • about 1.7m of waistband elastic for the bandage bodice
  • 3m of 115cm wide very lightweight poly crepe (pictured on the left)
  • 3m of 150cm wide heavy jersey for the lining (pictured on the right)

The dress is supposed to be a pullover dress – no zipper or other openings, thank you!

I have been avoiding this, but today is the first fitting.


I am not working with anything else so I must make magic from these fabrics.  I really don’t know how I’m going to copy that bandage bodice, which is why I’m loathe to tackle this project, so wish me luck.

The skirt will be a piece of cake, I’m sure – a simple A-line jersey lining with a double-width gathered poly crepe skirt stitched directly to the waistband elastic.

The bodice will require samples, trial, error and something called faking it.

I hope it works…


22 thoughts on “I do NOT want to make this dress

  1. Good luck with this. It sounds hideous and I do hope you are being paid plenty for tackling the project. I can’t imagine how she will get it on and off.

  2. This sounds like a nightmare and I am hoping you do awake and say, “whew, so glad it was just a bad dream”…unless you carry on and crank out a weird mummy like dress that this girl will surely sweat like a pig in while the elastic continues to crawl up her body during the evening. The little 3 part kit just should go back to the dark inner recesses of the closet! Hoping to have some hair left after tackling this project!

  3. Brave woman – the dress sounds just weird. Is it for a carnival or some such?
    Whatever you sew it will be well made, the design, I’m not so sure about……..

      1. Well that’s why she was so dayum persistent! Have you seen prom dresses lately? Most of them look like hookers on the stroll. I hope you can make this work and that you find a way to charge them more money for this!

  4. that sounds like the world’s most uncomfortable garment – under no circumstances can I imagine wanting to wear a whole bodice made of waistband elastic – it’s bad enough when it’s at the actual waistband! LOL Anywhoooo…. with any luck it’ll take you an hour and you’ll have made a whopping hourly rate. Just don’t do TOO good of a job or she’ll be sending all her friends to you!! LOL ^_^

  5. I’m sure you’ll manage, but I would have blocked her email if I could or failing that put a filter in place to make them all go directly to trash after a final reply saying “I am not interested in making this dress for you, any further emails will receive no response”. I figure if someone is rude enough to keep asking after being told NO then I don’t need to see their continued attempts to get me to do it.

  6. Good heavens, I don’t envy you to have to do that job. But it is through adversity that we reach for the stars (or something along those lines 😉 ), so I’m sure you’ll come out a stronger woman at the other end.

  7. Good luck! I can’t imagine WEARING a bodice made out of elastic. How do you breathe comfortably in that???


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