Bandage Bodice Gown

Here are the promised pictures of the finished bandage bodice dress.  dress 3

Here’s a close up of the layered elastic forming the bodice.

prom dress 2

And another one almost showing the full length skirt.  It did hang rather nicely despite the unusual combination of heavy polyester jersey lining and thin polyester crepe fashion fabric.

prom dress 1

I cannot tell you how glad I am this unusual request (experiment) turned out so well.  I must say, it suited the client to a ‘T’.  She was pleased, and I’m sure will get a lot of wear from it once I hem it to be worn with flats.

Stay tuned for the next graduation commission in yellows and pinks.


12 thoughts on “Bandage Bodice Gown

  1. wow, that dress turned out really well! Great job!
    Reading about all that polyester and elastic made me come out in a hot flush, but I suppose those young things don’t mind the poly sweatiness as much 😉

  2. It really looks quite nice. Good thing you convinced her of the need for a zipper. That dress would have never been able to have gotten into without some type of closure. Funny how people who don’t see tell you how to do things. Great job!


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