Simplicity 2846

My good friend and muse, Miss V, gifted me a length of printed batik from Cambodia, where she lives, studies and connects with every person she meets.  You may remember the red dress I made for her a couple of years ago (has it been that long?!) from the same type of fabric, and, yes, the same pattern.  The fabric comes in a set length/width, and is usually stitched together to form a continuous piece.  One then steps into it and ties it sarong style at the waist or upper chest if you’re tiny.  I decided to keep the dress idea alive and well.

S2486 front

There is nothing much to say about this pattern.  I did my usual FBA of about 2.5cm, and did a 5cm short-waist adjustment (which works better than the popular sway back alteration with my shape).  I left the fit a bit loose through the underbust and waist.  I’m starting to get self-conscious about the middle spread phenomenon that seems to be my lot in life right now.  Wanna see the best part of this dress?

Simplicity 2846 back

The BACK!!! Isn’t it awesome?  I love that it’s so average from the front, and then when I turn around, hello!

Here’s the stamp on the CB seam allowance.


I lined it with cotton batiste, and put in an invisible zip down the centre back.  I used the selvedge as the hem.  I’m glad it’s summer.  The sun and bright colours are wonderful to see after the long dreary drab winter.

Cambodian batik


25 thoughts on “Simplicity 2846

  1. This looks fantastic on you!

    I am usually weary of using cap sleeves, they seem to cut off at exactly the wrong point and make my arms look like chicken wings. Ever so attractive! (I add an inch or two, that avoids the problem). I really like them with this dress.

    Great project. Hope you enjoy wearing it a lot.


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