Burda 01/2016 #114: Boho Blouse

Burda 01-2016-114
Jeans: Jalie 2908

Remember my discouraging post about overthinking? How elusive and brain-numbing playing with a patterned fabric can be?  Well, I got over the hurdle and jumped into this blouse from Burda’s January 2016 issue.


The gorgeous silk is from EOS, and when she first posted it I started drooling.  She’d suggested the purple denim as a coordinating fabric, and, since I needed new jeans, thought I would happily splurge on the combo.  I am so happy with the colours in these fabrics.  So gorgeous!!

I cut the sleeves out first, because I wanted them to be symmetrical.  They don’t get in the way even though they are incredibly full.

Burda 01-2016-114 sleeves
first sunny day in a month of Sundays…

The next cutting challenge was the back. The design is printed in a slowly squiggling line, so centering the design took some effort. One of the yokes was cut slightly off centre, so I used it as the yoke lining.

Burda 01-2016-114 side
not sure about the tucked-in-at-the-front look

The front of the blouse has a slit opening. I disregarded Burda’s suggestions and used a strip of fabric cut on the straight instead of the bias and finished it by hand. And for the life of me I couldn’t find a button I liked, so I made one using a strip of bias tubing and the instructions from Vogue 1107.

Burda 02-2016-114 neckline

The neckline and the sleeves are bound in a narrow bias binding.

Burda 02-2016-114 binding
no, I didn’t remove the gathering stitches…

And the yoke has little interesting bias ties that serve no purpose whatsoever. I don’t even think you notice them much in this fabric, but they’re a unique decorative touch.

Burda 01-2016-114

Did I mention I really love this fabric? I had a little less than 1m combined  of various-sized pieces left over after cutting and matching, and I just couldn’t bear to see it sitting in my trash bin. So I pieced together a tank top using Burda 4/2015 #103.


In order to make some sense of the fabric design and to accommodate an FBA, there’s a seam down the centre front, one side front, and the left shoulder is pieced to the depth of about 8cm.

pieced tank front

I wasn’t sure when I made it if I would ever wear it – I just wanted to use the gorgeous fabric for something!  But, as summer is around the corner, who knows?  I’m sure it will get worn.

Yes, you’ve seen these pictures before… in the Jalie jeans post!

13 thoughts on “Burda 01/2016 #114: Boho Blouse

  1. Great tops – I love that you have used the scrap for the second one and why not? No one would want to waste any of that. I’m sure you will wear them both lots.
    The fabric button is so sweet. That’s a great solution to the ‘ no suitable button’ moment.

  2. Can I say that you should wear these colors more often? Gorgeous blouse and tank top…who could bear to part with even the scraps? Your blond hair is looking very nice too!!!

  3. Tres boho, lovely sleeves and pattern placement. Every time you mention EOS, I follow the link and waste time because after packing up 5 boxes of fabric, I DO NOT NEED MORE!! Not your fault I’m so easily led!

  4. It looks fabulous! I can imagine how difficult this fabric was to cut. I really love the handmade button too, I need to learn how to do that!

  5. you really managed to show off the fabric to its best effect. And the colour combination is gorgeous.
    I made a couple of the vest tops when the pattern first came out and I have worn them loads during the summer. I really liked the fact that they are breezy without being quite as billowy as some tops.

  6. What a beautiful blouse! If I am not mistaken there is a dress version of this pattern that I want to make at some point. The colours and pattern are so beautiful here. Good work.

  7. You are one step ahead of me! I’m just finishing a silk top (not as pretty as yours though) and plan to make coordinating jeans.
    Lovely combination and beautifully made.


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