Repeat: Vogue 2396 Wrap Shirt

Thanks for weighing in on my Easter ideas in the last post.  I was shocked – SHOCKED, I tell you – that the option in the poll “Why make something!?” did not get even one little vote.  I guess my DH doesn’t read my blog. 😉 The jumpsuit won hands down, and I’m currently working on that.  The wrap dress is done and dusted, as they say, but I haven’t photographed it yet.  Hopefully today sometime, so I can show you later this week.  And the bouclé is waiting in the wings.  I need to make a trip downtown into the Fashion District to find wool for the trim on it, because I’m thinking I’d like to try something like this for the jacket:
Chanel, cruise 2017

Over a dress cut on the bias like this.

Chanel, cruise 2017

Because in 2007, this outfit caught my imagination from the fall haute couture show (2nd from right).

But anyways, in my real world…

Vogue 2396

I’ve made another ivory version of this oldy-but-goody OOP wrap shirt from Vogue 2396 this time in a heavy linen/cotton blend.

V2396 Jalie 2908

I’m liking it.  🙂


8 thoughts on “Repeat: Vogue 2396 Wrap Shirt

  1. Mount the bias cut fabric on silk organza to prevent the bagging/stretching problems if you really want to make the dress. I agree, it’s great to be able to look at outfits like this and laugh at the prices after we make a copy.
    Have fun!

  2. I saw that jacket in Bergdorf Goodman…they shortened the fringe for retail, but the closures were beautiful. If I had $7000 to spend, I would have gotten the black version they had. I’m glad I sew!

  3. Great wrap shirt, it’s very flattering. I love the look of the bias dress, but wonder also about the wide and saggy factor. I think if the fabric is closely woven and the pattern is smallish, it might work and it would be beautiful!

  4. Cute top. Lovely to see your green garden backdrop. Must be spring!

    I love the bias cut dress. Mrsmole could be right but I think I’d still want to give it a try.

  5. The fringed jacket is killer! Not so sure about a bias cut wool dress…I see sagging butts if the weave is too loose. That skinny model looks extra wide in her bias dress and who needs that? Looking forward to your wrap dress photos!

    1. Don’t you love that jacket!? Interesting point about the bias. And I know, I know. We deliberately tiled our smallish bathroom diagonally to give the illusion of space. So, of course this has crossed my mind every time I’m in that silly bathroom.

      But I just have to try. And if I hate it, I will thoroughly enjoy the creative process and send it to my local thrift store for someone else to wear.

      BTW, I agree with the model looking a bit wider than the rest, and that’s a scary (!) thought. When I was googling for this outfit, I happened across a photo of Tilda Swinton wearing a white classic Chanel jacket, and a few pics over was the runway shot on the model. Interesting comparison, in a very good, encouraging way, because Ms. Swinton looked pudgier than the model. Who’da thunk? Anyways, I figure if Ms. Swinton cannot look like a model, then there’s definitely no hope for me, and I should just make it and see what happens. 😀


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