Burda 04/2017 #106: Joggers

Burda 04-2017-106 side

I made these for DD1 earlier this year from a medium-weight 100% tencel fabric, as she needed basic black pieces for a job this past summer.

Burda 04-2017-106

I made no changes to the pattern except to omit the waist ties, at her request, and she agreed to let me share them with you on the condition her face wouldn’t be seen. *sigh*  Her only other request was that they would be ‘loose’.  I cut the size to match her hip measurements.

And I managed to find black zips for the pockets, which made me very happy. Fancy zippers are not easy to source here. Here they are zipped….

Burda 04-2017-106 details

…. and unzipped.

Burda 04-2017-106 pockets

They turned out to be a little too casual for work, so she’s only worn them a couple of times. They were fun to make, and I’m pleased with the zipped pockets.

Burda 04-2017-106 back


6 thoughts on “Burda 04/2017 #106: Joggers

  1. Ah, tencel. I had a lot of ‘jeans’ (more like wide straight leg pants with vague hints towards being styled as jeans) made of tencel back in the 90s – such a great fabric! And, from what I’ve been reading, actually one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics going around if the whole lifecycle is looked at (less water, less chemicals than most other fabrics).
    I have a huge crush on this pattern – and am glad you’ve blogged about it so I know it exists! I have a very similar pair of RTW maternity pants in this style that I wanted to recreate in a different fabric, but have not been bothered to attempt making a pattern.
    As DD1 is gorgeous, face shown or no. Love the pants on her 🙂

  2. They look very nice. I’ve been eying this pattern, but a bit reluctant as the kind of fabric needed for the soft look usually translates to 100% polyester. It’s not easy to find good quality rayon that’s soft without being limp. What is the fabric you used?

    1. It’s a 100% tencel fabric that randomly showed up in my local Fabricland. It has a pre-washed silk look it, and it’s surprisingly stable. It was very easy to sew; not flimsy like most rayons.


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