Winter Coat: Burda 1/2016 #123

So, one of my goals for 2018 was to make jackets and coats: I had declared it “The Year of the Coat”.   I managed to make one.
Green CoatI finally got around to the project at the end of April. I pulled two pieces of fabric out of stash:  a lovely green/brown ‘bubble’ wool from EmmaOneSock in 2013and a piece of velvet linen, purchased randomly from Scalamandre’s Third Floor around the same time. I had this from BurdaStyle’s January 2016 in mind for both: Burda 1-2016-123It’s a ‘tall’ pattern, but I wanted something long and dramatic.  So I left the length, and adjusted the waist length by 2 inches (5cm). Here’s the back: green coat back
I did not like the tie collar (and the linen would not have worked for it, imho), so I frankenpatterned Vogue 2590 (an OOP Montana military-style coat). collar collageI love the high collar, and I must say, working with a Vogue pattern vs. a Burda magazine pattern in the same project was a sober reminder (and an elated reminder) of why I love Vogue patterns so much: there were more markings on the collar pieces than the entire front coat pattern piece from Burda.  A clearly marked pattern makes construction so precise, and easy construct with (relative) perfection. Well, I am happy with it, anyways!

The coat does not have buttons. I debated doing the hand worked buttonhole exercise, but opted for the large snaps Burda suggested. I like them! And, no, I did not bother to try to choose a fabric that would match the coat so they could be covered. I just put them on. Finis!

Some details of the interior finishing:lining

There are in-seam pockets. green coat pockets
Here’s the side view.
green coat side

A loooong belt tie. green coat tie
A tall, statuesque drink of water I am not, which is perhaps accentuated by the tie belt. But I love the length and drama of wearing such a coat.


31 thoughts on “Winter Coat: Burda 1/2016 #123

  1. Fabulous coat, I agree the collar on the original would probably be a bit annoying and you’d have to wear it closed the whole time. Love the extra long length and the combination of fabrics, I do love a bit of drama in clothing too even if that isn’t necessarily reflected in my everyday wardrobe!

  2. Obviously your left those fabrics in your “aging closet” long enough to be brought out and made into something wonderful! Wearing it must make you feel so special and cozy! Great photos and the change of the collar…so much more wearable and flattering!

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous, and you look fabulous in it! I hope you feel as wonderful wearing it as you look in it! Not only that, this coat looks like it is so warm. Just perfect!

  4. It’s stunning! I love that wool! I need to make a coat, but every year I put it off and then it’s too warm again for a coat (winter tends to be short, and come and go here).

  5. That is just outstanding, and you will love it for years! I prefer your collar choice, and it is perfect for those cold windy days. The fit in the shoulders is spot on. Linen velvet sounds sooo luxurious, and that texture on that wool is perfect for a coat. I bet you love wearing this!

  6. That’s a fab colour and the texture looks lovely! I’m not planning to make the tie belt suggested for my coat- they tend to make me look like a bag of laundry lol This is gorgeous


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