Ta da!

The lace tunic is finished.

The lace is quite substantial and the tunic has some weight to it. The silk charmeuse lining is wondrously comfortable, and makes this such a pleasure to wear.

The centre back pleat was a bit of a pain to manipulate so that it lays flat but adding a small flower appliqué helped tack it all down into place. There is a facing which I interfaced with silk organza, under stitched, and then ‘topstitched’ invisibly 5mm away from the neckline in order to keep it in place. I also discreetly secured the edges of the facing through all layers so that it wold behave as one layer.

My solution for the side seams was to use a true Hong Kong finish, using the silk underlining, and then stitching an appliqué on the interior of the hem to hide the bottom 4 cm of seam allowance.

Another close up of the hem and side seam finishing.

I’m pleased with how this turned out.


28 thoughts on “Ta da!

  1. All of us seamstresses can appreciate all the planning and hard work that went into the wrong side and your lining…Bravo! Attaching a Hong Kong binding unto lace is not easy!!!!!

    1. Yup. Hence the wobbly looking finish. I just stitched one side by machine then turned it and tacked along the binding edges by hand. Gotta love the flexibility provided by hand sewing.

  2. Wow, those seams look beautiful! And i like how it hangs. The substantial nature of the lace gives it a flattering shape, especially those sleeves. What a treasure!

    1. Thank you! The fit is the most important (and most difficult) aspect of a garment. That, and proportion, both of which require so much time to get just right.


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