mccall 6696 in linen

I must be an idiot, because I really hate the new WordPress block editor. I don’t want to add a block. I want to type and have the option of embedding photos without clicking on a plus sign.

M6696 bark linen front

Ok. My frustrated little rant is done, and now on to the reason for this post: a shirt dress made last summer from a lovely cross-dye medium weight linen. I confess I have so many fabrics. My stash is an embarrassment of riches, and I really loved this linen when it arrived in the mail a couple of years ago. I originally had planned to make summer linen trousers with this, but I had two lengths, one of which wasn’t quite a metre, so trousers were out.

What to do with it?

I decided on the very popular shirt dress pattern from a few years ago: McCall 6696, dictated by the lengths of the two pieces of linen. It was my version of a muslin, although this is definitely not a muslin. I wasn’t sure I would look good in the style or be comfortable wearing it. It’s a little more ‘office attire’ than I had intended, but that is a result of the fabric. And, typical of how I work, when I make the dress again, I will change a few things: raise the armscye 5cm, and forgo the short waist adjustment. These will both be necessary in a sleeveless version, which I would like to make.

My favourite part of the pattern is the blousing in the back.

M6696 back linen

And I used up some bemberg from a previous project for lining the skirt and binding the armscyes. I always like a lined skirt, and it helps the linen to not be too wrinkled by the end of the day.

M6696 interior

I added extra hooks and thread loops to where the waistband and the front band intersect to help it lie closed, instead of flipping (or straining) open.

M6696 front band interior

I like to finish the interior of my garments as nicely as I possibly can because it makes me happy when I put them on, and when I wear them. And bemberg feels so amazing to wear. I know people prefer crepe de chine or, in the case of a linen garment, cotton voile or batiste, but there is nothing that feels cool and slippery in the heat, or keeps wool from sticking or itching in the winter, like bemberg, imho.

M6696 lining

I’ve only had a chance to wear this dress once, but I am very impressed with the quality of this linen. The photos were taken after wearing for the day, and you can see for yourself how little the linen creased. Oh, and as for the rant about the WP blocks, a little reading soon made my life easier. Ha!

M6696 bark linen

12 thoughts on “mccall 6696 in linen

  1. I’m on the opposite side of that fence – I really like the block editor! That aside, I’m really feeling the versatility of this pattern, and was particularly drawn to the blousing at the back – largely because it makes an otherwise fitted garment so comfortable to move around (especially when you’re broad shouldered, like I am), but equally repelled by it because my high school uniform dresses had this feature, and… well, when you’ve worn the same style of dress 5 days a week for 6 years straight… Ignoring that of course, this is a gorgeous dress on you! Linen for the win 🙂

  2. Hi. Lovely dress! I don’t like the block editor either. You can get back to the old editor with a plugin. In the dashboard, click on “Plugins” then at the top of the page, click “Add New”. Then search for “Classic Editor”. It’s described as “Enables the previous ‘classic’ editor with the old-stye Edit Post screen…” Click “Install Now” and once it’s loaded, that pesky block editor should be gone.

  3. It’s a lovely dress with such nice finishing. I don’t like the new editor either – I guess I need to do more reading.

  4. Beautiful insides make me happy too! Your linen shirt dress is wonderful on you and on the hanger! I’ve not had the opportunity to use bemburg, but I’m going to look for it. Crepe de chine was always my first choice, but it isn’t available locally anymore, so I might as well explore!

  5. This is so lovely, in every way! What a great dress for many occasions, and you look very stylish in it. I am a big fan of linen, and I agree that Bemberg is a wonderful lining for it. I hope you wear this dress often and with much joy!

  6. Couldn’t comment on this from my phone app! It was actually sending me to edit your post, not comment!!!

    Love the dress and the linen. I love linen myself.

    I will have to try the hooks idea. And finishing the insides really is a self-care thing. I love it too!

  7. What a beautiful professional finish you have achieved, really appreciate seeing those details, thank you for posting. Sewing our own clothes is all about quality over quantity so why not go the extra mile.

    1. Eek I clicked too soon. That looks great! I love your finishing and am going to borrow that for the armholes of my silk dress. I also prefer nice finishing inside where possible, as it feels so nice to see nice bits when you put on a garment! I am also a bemberg fan.. It’s pretty much all I use, especially for linen, but I do like silk for a thin silk dress.

      I usually add some extra closures around the waist, too. In fact, I need to do that in my new silk shirt dress project. 🙂 Good reminder. I use small snaps, but hooks and eyes are a good idea.

      I have not yet used the block editor! I’m completely old school! (Until forced not to be.)

  8. I’m not a fan of the block editor. There’s all sorts of weird blocks that I don’t need that I have to sort through to find what I want! That being said I vote for nice insides and bemberg lining too. I bought metres and metres of it on sale once and used it for special projects. Sadly I am almost out. I’ll have to scout out some on-line somewhere. Your shirt dress is lovely – inside and out. A very professional job! It looks lovely on you!

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