linen pajamas

I have been in sore need of decent summer pajamas for a while now, and finally made some up from old stash linen, using cotton scraps from this old pair for piping and the shoulder straps on the tank top.

I used the Sewing-Universe-Famous Carolyn Pajama top, which I haven’t yet worn – it’s just too hot! But I see this getting a lot of wear in the spring and fall. The bottoms are Burda 12-2014-135, which I’ve made several times for myself and DD2.

B12-2014-135 PJ bottoms

I have a pair of Bedhead pajamas and like how the front facing is stitched down to keep it from flopping around. I did the same on this top, although the instructions did not include this step.

carolyn top

And to keep cool during the summer, I made a linen version of Burda 5-2013-101, which is also comes as a dress pattern.


As far as style goes, linen isn’t the best choice for this top: a drapey silk or viscose would be a better choice. But it’s cool and comfortable and plenty roomy for pajamas.

B5-2013-101 linen

And, just for fun, I added little ‘tags’. Actually, they have a practical use in the tank and bottoms, as they indicate which side is the back!

fabric tags

And because I needed one, I made a quick kimono robe from some printed linen that I’ve had lying in stash for a few years. The pattern is Burda 2-2012-116. Honestly, trying to find pictures on is such a hassle. Whoever designed their new website should be fired, because it’s absolutely terrible. The Russian site is far superior, imho. You can search images and issues all the way back to 2004. They even have the year 1987 listed!

And here’s my version. I’m not modelling any of these, because, seriously! I am past putting pictures of me in my pj’s up for public consumption. Be thankful.


15 thoughts on “linen pajamas

  1. Your PJs are just gorgeous. I love the option of the different top for very hot weather. And your robe is so pretty. Wonderful sewing!

  2. The colors are super and the sewing as usual…perfection! You could wear that kimono out for lunch if we ever get to do that again. if you have fabric left over, a matching mask would compliment it too.Great job!

    1. Oooo…. I honestly didn’t think about the mask! Too bad! But for the next project, I’ll remember. I’ve seen some beautiful ones in my IG feed.

  3. I love the piping on your pajamas, and that tank looks so cool and comfy too. The robe is a happy bit of color, love your choices. Sleep well in these!

  4. Omg, the print on that kimono is awesome! And your pjs are so elegant, what a treat it must be to lounge around in those. Thanks for sharing and enjoy them!

  5. I am so impressed by your elegant PJ’s and kimono robe. Very pretty. Love the piping detail on the PJ’s. I definitely need to upgrade my sleepwear . I don’t even bother going to the US BurdaStyle site any more. I always go to the RU site for line drawings of older patterns and to see the pictures of the garments others have sewn from the pattern. I read another blog today that said the downloadable RU patterns were cheaper than other Burda sites, though that may be because of the conversion rate between the blogger ‘s AU currency and the Russian currency.

  6. Omg!!! This is too funny! I am making the Carolyn pjs right now! On another note, when I was in Santa Fe last summer it was too hot for regular pjs. I spent a couple of hours hunting in the little boutiques downtown for something. I ended up buying a loose linen shift dress. I told the sales woman what it was for- she loved it. I love sleeping in linen.

    1. Linen is the best! And I love sewing it up. Caveat: linen bed sheets produce more fluff and fibre dust bunnies than anything I have ever had on my bed. But perhaps the linen wasn’t the finest weave….


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