vogue 8888

V8888 front

This is the second silk dressing gown (because it seriously looks like a dressing gown with that rolled collar) that was made from stash because…. well, because my girls need robes for walking around the house.

The pattern is Vogue 8888, a well-loved much-made pattern in all corners of the sewing online world. I made View A for DD3.

The sleeves were a lot longer than they look on the model. I had to trim off 15 cm from the length so they would not drag through breakfast. Definitely more a ‘dressing’ gown, not an all-around-the-house robe with the longer sleeve length.

V8888 silly

DD3 chose this purple silk charmeuse from deep stash that I had purchased several years ago with the hope of purple silk pajamas for myself, but I have no regrets sewing this up for her. It has gotten a tremendous amount of use.

V8888 side

The pattern was sewn up out of the package with the exception of a 3cm square shoulder adjustment, as DD3 is a swimmer, and her shoulders bear testament to that. As a note, I made the garment two sizes larger than what Vogue’s size tables recommended at my young client’s request. It fits her well with room for swanning.

V8888 purple silk

Since handing it over, finished, it has not come off. And I have to say I am so pleased to meet DD3, walking down the hallway, in a pretty purple robe rather than her schleppy tank top and fleece Christmas print pajama bottoms. I’ve got two more of this pattern in the longer length scheduled, selfishly both for me, and am hoping there will be another one in her future, perhaps in a Liberty tana lawn print or some other stash-busting fabric choice.

Have you made any robes or dressing gowns?


15 thoughts on “vogue 8888

  1. Love this pattern… I’ve made it 5 times myself! Only once for me (which I still love wearing) – the rest were gifts. Agree though – the sleeves are unnecessarily long! Another gorgeous make 🙂

  2. Both the kimono and the dressing gown are gorgeous.. I have plans to make two robes. One in a wool plaid to replace the moth eaten one I kept from my late FIL’s wardrobe. And another from a lavender quilted silk fabric that will definitely be more elegant. I am waiting for the weather to cool down a bit before I start these projects.

  3. A dressing gown pattern I’ve used for many years is from Simplicity 9319. I have loved my original gown, made from a geranium coloured cotton/ synthetic fabric, with a floral self design. I have literally loved it to bits, and must make another.

  4. In answer to the question re making dressing gowns. I have been making my own and many for others based on a similar pattern to your own. Mine is a Simplicity (kimono-style) pattern which I’ve had for over 30 years. In fact, I’m due for a new dressing gown right now!

  5. Sent both my girls off to college with flannel robes, Girl #1 had Spider-Man and was immediately dubbed as cool, a first for her, but it helped she went to a music/geek school! 😆

  6. Wow, that color is heavenly! Great that your daughter is getting so much wear out of it, the robe looks awesome. I have never made robes and wore one only once i must say. They do look like i could be comfy and regal in them but then i get cold very easily and move too much to maintain my modesty… so it’s only ever pyjamas for me.

  7. So beautiful and practical! I have made a couple of Suki robes, and I must give myself permission to use them as they are well made and will wash if I get them dirty! I love when our daughter emerges from her room in hers 💕. Very selfless as that purple would look sensational on you too!!!

  8. Beautiful! I am finished two pair of Carolyn pajamas, and am cutting out a linen/rayon burda kimono robe, thanks to your inspiration! (Though I likely won’t blog them.)

  9. I love that you are using your stash and that it is turning into elegant and desirable garment that only those close to the wearer will ever see. Silk for party dresses worn once or twice? Overrated! Silk for dressing gowns worn every day? Best. Idea. Ever.

  10. Wow, she looks beautiful in this! What a colour. So nice to hear that she hasn’t taken it off, either.

    I am always going to be a schleppy men’s briefs and tank top or men’s pyjamas around the house person (I snag everything, spill my coffee on everything), but it’s nice to see how the elegant live!

    This is a great series. I appreciate seeing all of the beautiful fabrics being pulled out to make garments appreciated by their recipients.

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