a coat becomes a skirt

First, a very Happy New Year to all of you dear readers. I am so looking forward to 2021, and all it brings. The pandemic has been so hard, so destructive, so debilitating for so many, and I know I have been relatively unscathed by it all. It has actually been a tremendous blessing and help to have most programs for my daughters cancelled and put online, because it meant they were all home, and I was (am) in such need of help. Silver linings, and perfect timing. But I often think of those of you who have been struggling with the isolation and the grinding-to-a-halt of normal societal interactions. May you find some small thing, each day, to be grateful for, even in the midst of the trial.

But moving on to 2021’s projects. Remember this coat?

Vogue 8626 pockets (523x800)

Well, the more I didn’t wear it, the more I didn’t like it. And it wasn’t fitting like it used to, so what to do? Dismantle it and make something useful.

Like this beautiful skirt. I pulled it out of my closet on Tuesday last week to wear to the oncology clinic, and it gave me such incredible joy to pull it on. Do any of your makes do that for you? My heart was literally singing with the feel of the tweed juxtaposed to that of the satin lining; the feel of the support in the garment from the silk organza underlining; the grosgrain ribbon waist facing. I so love this skirt.

I used a OOP Vogue 8045 because the panels fit on the bottom portion of the coat sections. The zip is hand picked, which is my very favourite way of inserting a zipper.

Vogue 8045 hand picked zipper

Pretty satin lining and back pleat details.

Vogue 8045 back pleat

Waistband grosgrain ribbon facing.

Vogue 8045 interior waistband

I know I haven’t posted much recently, but I have been managing to sew a little bit. The last couple of weeks my health took an unwanted detour, but I am back on track again and able to put coherent thoughts together. In the middle of all this, I finished off my alterations pile…. the dreaded pile of projects that need to be re-fit or tweaked or remade. And I made a linen sundress for DD3, which I will post about next.

So my cut projects are all caught up and I can start afresh. If you could see my sewing space, which is in the basement, you’d probably laugh. I have pulled fabrics with ideas I have percolating in my head, and they sit in piles on a chair in the reading nook, on the cutting table, and in the corners of the table where my machine and serger live. BUT, now my space is clean of fix-it projects, and I can make things because I love to make.

Is there anything off your sewing table recently that you were rather glad to see the end of so you could get down to making things you really wanted to make?

Are there any garments in your closet that, as you put them on, something about them makes your heart sing for sewing and wearing joy?


6 thoughts on “a coat becomes a skirt

  1. So good to see your post and you have inspired me with your words to take a little more time with the finishing of my next project – “the feel of the tweed juxtaposed to that of the satin lining; the feel of the support in the garment from the silk organza underlining; the grosgrain ribbon waist facing…..” YES!
    Best wishes to you

  2. Glad that your health is back on track. Such a nice coat but if it doesn’t do it for you, it’s wonderful that you could re-purpose the fabric into the beautiful skirt. Such beautiful finishing – even mitered corners!! I too, find hand-picking zippers give such better control compared to machine stitching.
    I love my high waisted, cropped wool pants, by chance worn today. I love the swish and drape of wool, wrinkles fall out so no ironing and they fit so well are are very comfortable.

  3. I have been looking at redo’s myself, but still mostly quilting projects while I percolate! I love that you dismantled that coat and made such a lovely skirt that you want to wear often!


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