Who is Tia Dia?

This blog is my attempt to share my stitching successes, wadders and attempts to master the art of sewing well, and I’m thrilled to be part of the online sewing world.  For years I read all your posts, looked at all your pictures and was heartily discouraged by how very “mezzo”-ish were my attempts to wear me-mades.

My sewing journey began a long time ago, watching my mother as she tailored coats, hand-stitched hems on dresses and put together little velvet dresses for me.  When I was about ten, I was given a Singer treadle sewing machine and made my first ever garment:  a rectangle-based apron for my walking Emily doll.  I was hooked!  By the time I hit high school I was making most of my clothes, trying to imitate the looks I found in Vogue magazine.  Inappropriate for school?  Definitely!  But I learned so much just by following the directions of those detailed designer Vogue patterns. For graduation, I was given my first Pfaff sewing machine – perfect for my graduation gown!

Skip forward a few lives later, and a good friend suggested that I should be labeling my clothes, even if no one else ever wore them but me, because my perceived skill was an art that should credit its creator as it meandered out of my hands.  So MezzoCouture was born.  It made sense:  I’d spent the last 3 decades as a professional mezzo-soprano.  My sewing skills were only half-couture (mezzo couture) on a good day.  And it seemed to fit.

Around the same time I discovered smocking and needlework for my three little girls’ garments.  And, being a tia with a niece who couldn’t quite pronounce my name, Tia Dia seemed perfect for all my needlework garments.

It’s exciting to know that so many of you share my love of fabric, needles and thread.  Drop me a line… ask me a question… tell me what you’re working on, too!

Leave a comment or email me at onlymezzo [at] yahoo [dot] ca

12 thoughts on “Who is Tia Dia?

  1. Hi Tia -I have nominated you for a { LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD }. You can check out the details here {http://blacklabelblog.wordpress.com/2013/03/24/liebster-blog-award/ } but please dont feel any pressure to pay it forward! It really is just me saying hi & letting you know how much I enjoy your blog & inspiration. Take care, Angelique

  2. Greetings from professional mezzosoprano to professional mezzosoprano.
    Nice to see how many parallels exist: espresso junkie, sewing girl, hating gardening, hating peas, …

    I like your style of writing-like-talking. Like a fresh shower. Thanks for that.

    Greetings from Berlin,

    Sandra 🙂

  3. I´m in awe of your needle work, never saw something like that (except in veeeery expensive clothes for little girls, only yours look better) Thank you for the tip on my girl´s dress, I´m taking it.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the lovely comment. It’s nice to have affirmation from accomplished sewists. I’ve been a follower for quite a while, and I can’t wait to see your version of Vogue 1241 if you do try it!

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