Winners Circle

Wow!  Thank you to all who left comments on my giveaway post last week.  I now have the most lovely and diverse holiday reading list.  I’ve made a list of the books so you all can benefit, too.

State of Wonder – Ann Patchett

The Name of the Wind – Patrick Rothfuss

Jeeves & the Feudal Spirit

The Serpent’s Tale

Deaf Sentence – David Lodge

Pure – Andrew Miller

An Assembly Such as This – Pamela Aidan

Emma – Austen

A Place of Quiet Rest – Nancy leigh DeMoss

Assassin’s Prayer – Ariana Franklin

The Time in Between – Maria Dueans

The Black Box – Michael Connelly

The Music of the Spheres

Transit of Venus – Shirley Hazzard

The distant hours – kate Morton

Healer’s Manual – Ted Andrews

Broken Open – Elizabeth Leser

You can heal your life – Louise L Hay

Praying the Names of God – Ann Shipley

Inner Voice of Love – Nouwen

The truth about style – Stacy London

Evolution of Mara Dyer – Michelle Hodkin

Make your own Dress Patterns – Adele P. Margolis

Warmth of Other Suns

Dragon’s Kin – Todd McCaffrey

This will keep me busy for a while.  Thank you so much for sharing your reads, everyone!  And now on to what everyone really wants to know:  who gets what fabric.  Well, there’s 3 random draws, and I’ll be using the Random Number Generator.  I made a list of all participants for the respective fabrics, cut and pasted from Word, so you get to see what the stupid spellcheck didn’t like!  First up is the silk chiffon:

Chiffon list


And the winner is:  Symondezyn!  Yay!  Hearty applause all around!  Ok.  Drum roll for the next randomly drawn winner of the poly knit:

knit list


Woo hoo!  Dina gets the knit!  Congratulations, Dina!  And last, but certainly not least, the lace….

lace list


…. goes to Tulle & Tweed!  Yay for all the winners, and don’t forget to send me your mailing addresses via email at onlymezzo [at] yahoo [dot] ca.  Thanks, everyone, for playing along and making my December birthday so much fun.  I’ll pop off your packages as soon as I get your mailing addresses, and, God willing, you should have an extra prezzie under your tree.


My Take on Vogue 8825

V 8825 5

Well, after all the wool and the thinking that’s been going into the Marfy coat, I needed something quick and easy called instant gratification.  So I turned to Vogue 8825, which I knew I would love as soon as the pattern was released.  It has everything that I like:  a cross-over bodice, full sleeves and wide cuffs.  The skirt is pencil-y and what’s not to love about the 5 foot long ties?  Very 70’s with that requisite “modern” update!  Ha!

I cut a straight size, tapering up one size through the hips.  It turns out that was completely unnecessary, although it is one of my usual alterations.  The skirt didn’t need any extra fabric to skim properly.  The fabric is a poly knit that I picked up last fall from Fabricland, and just because I like lined skirts better than unlined skirts (whatever it is they’re made of) I added a nylon knit lining to the skirt.  I simply cut another skirt, stitched it up and sandwiched the bodice ‘tween skirt and lining fabric while attaching the bodice to the skirt.

lining attachment seam

This is the interior with the lining turned down.  I left the facing edges completely unfinished as the fabric is completely stable.

V8825 lining

It’s a super quick sew, and a dress I’ll probably wear a lot, being chocolate and all that.  I didn’t do an FBA – and I usually do a good 2 inches of one.  I simply made the CF overlap deeper, about 3 inches instead of the 1 inch as drafted.  After wearing this dress all morning, it didn’t malfunction.  I’ll confess to being in a bit of a hurry and thoughtless while cutting.  I may have to find a chocolate brown Sharpie permanent marker to fix my mistake.  Can you find it?

V 8825 4

This is a super comfy dress, and I’d love to make up several more in a variety of prints.  I hear Ann is hosting a Jungle January.  This would be perfect in a leopard jersey!  And if you haven’t already, please enter my Birthday Giveaway – it closes on Saturday, December 15th!

V 8825 7

Happy Belated Birthday Giveaway

birthdayTuesday this past week was my birthday, and I don’t like to mention birthdays out of a wish they’d go away, but since the most wonderful birthday present every showed up in my e-inbox as I was blearily getting everyone ready for school, I thought I’d share my excitement at the news and pass it around in the form of my own birthday giveaway.

Tj, of The Perfect Nose, hosts monthly giveaways, a catalogue of which can be found here.  For the month of November she was offering a Knipmode winter supplement on one of my favourite items of clothing: coats. Now, never having ever beheld a Knipmode anything in the flesh, and dearly loving all things wintery and  coat-ish, I threw my hat into the draw.  And won!  What a perfect birthday present to wake up to on Tuesday!  Woo hoo!  I’ve never won anything in a giveaway before, so this was doubly exciting!


I’d also like to say thank you to the lovely and inspiring Carolyn, Zoe and CherryPix for passing along the One Lovely Blog badge to me.  I’m honoured! Since this blog is mostly about me and my sewing life, I shan’t bore you with more trivia than you’ve already come to know about myself, but I most definitely will pass along my appreciation of a host of blogs that I read and enjoy.  Do you find it difficult to nominate blogs for awards?  I do.  How do I choose? So I’ll mention several that I’ve just started reading over the last few weeks, as I need to update my blog roll and you won’t find the links there as of today… yet!

Tulle & Tweed

Karin from Sew Here we Go Again

Kay the Sewing Lawyer

Anne from Petty Grievances

Mrs. Mole from Fit for a Queen

The Overflowing Stash

Mad for Mod – in German, but worth the translation effort!

And since it’s my birthday, I’d like to pass around the giveaway cheer and offer up a choice of the following lengths of fabric (because I cannot choose what to give away).

First, 1.4 metres (150 cm wide) of a poly-lycra knit.  I’m sorry I don’t really know the difference between ITY and a plain poly knit, but the edges of this do not curl, it’s got a medium weight and it’s stable.  The background is an espresso shade of brown. IMG_5264

Second, 1.25 metres (100 cm wide) length of lace.  It’s black, white and gold.IMG_5265IMG_5266

Last, 2.5 metres (115 wide) of silk chiffon, which would look really pretty made up as a floaty dress for spring or blouse, perhaps? IMG_5260

The Belated Birthday Giveaway rules are:
  1. Leave a comment telling me a) what book you’re reading now and b) what fabric you’d like.  If you’d like a chance at more than one, please state that!
  2. I am quite happy to ship internationally, so please include yourself, wherever you may sew!
  3. I’ll make the draw one week from today on Saturday, December 15th.

Thank you all for playing along, and spread the word!

The Double Giveaway winners are….

I did this the old-fashioned way again.  What can I say?  Maybe I just like handling paper and writing out names and then the “tactileness” of picking a winner out of the bowl!

I had two separate bowls – Patterns and Paisley.entries

And the winners are… Drum roll, please! patterns fabric

Tina at retrorabbithole!  She wrote: “I’ll cast my lot for the patterns.  As for clothing I’ve made, it depends. If someone has expressed an interest in said piece of clothing, I am more than happy to give it a new home. If not, it some times gets taken apart and re-purposed. Often, unfortunately, pieces tend to languish in the back of my closet!”  Congratulations, Tina!

paisley winner

And the paisley goes to Carla G, who shared this:  “I usually remake into clothing for someone in our household or into some other project like bags or whatever I need fabric for.”

Thank you to all that answered my question and entered my giveaway.  I’ll send off the packages just as soon as I can!

Have you been to Sew, Mama, Sew today?

giveaway Because they’re hosting a Giveaway Day!  I must confess that I have never heard of this spectacular day full of giveaways until I spent a very productive morning visiting, reading, and discovering new blogs!  What a great way to spend a morning.  The sewing blog world is limitless.

And, because I’d like to join in the fun, I thought I’d host another giveaway.  You have two packages to choose from.

First, a set of dress patterns (12-14-16).  These are all new and uncut.

dress patterns

The second is a length of cotton, similar to Liberty tana lawn, but not a Liberty print.  It’s 2 1/2 yards and 60 inches wide.

paisley fabric So, to enter the giveaway you need to answer the question below and tell me which lot you’d like (patterns or fabric), and you must include your email address so that I can contact you if you’re the winner!

You don’t have to follow my blog/subscribe but it would be lovely if you do.  Tell me you’re a follower in your comment for an extra entry.  International entries are welcome, and I’ll pick the winner through a random generator (how original!).  Entries close December 16, 2011 (Friday) at 5:00 p.m. EST, and I’ll make the draw on December 17, 2011.

Here’s the question:  What do you do with clothes or items that you’ve made that you end up falling out of love with?  They can be items you make for yourself, or things you’ve made for others.   Do you remake them? Use them for scraps? Give them to your local thrift store, or give them to someone you think will appreciate them? I’m curious to know!

Oh, and to browse the six pages of giveaways, click on the logo below to get back to the list!

And the winner is……

Well, I almost didn’t get this post up and written because the HD on my computer started to corrupt itself, and I have almost CRIED with frustration trying to reinstall everything on the new HD.

No, I don’t pay anyone to do this.  I’m a chronic problem-solver, and I will. win.  So, just in time my system is workable enough to let you all know who will have an addition to their stash. I included everyone in the draw, even those of you who are overseas, since it’s Christmas and chiffon is not so heavy to mail.   And I did it the classic way – little pieces of paper with each person’s name on it.the lottery pile

And the winner is…. Liz, over at He Cooks…. She Sews, who wrote, “Happy birthday for yesterday. Great to hear that fabulous dress got an outing!  Thanks, too, for your very generous giveaway offer. I don’t know what I would do with that lovely fabric but I’d be very happy to have that challenge…”

winning draw

I’ll pop the little Christmas package in the mail as soon as I can!  Happy Friday, everyone!

Happy Birthday Post

Happy Birthday to me yesterday!  This is a belated post, and I’m sorry I’m behind the eight ball, so to speak, but better belated than never!

No, this is not my DH – it’s Joe, DH’s business partner – apparently his birthday is today – and my dear Sarah eyeing that cake! We celebrated with the A2D2 Christmas Cabaret, which was in support of the Canadian Paraplegic Association. It just so happens that the owner of the company and three of the aerial artists teach my daughters dance.

Mel & Joe BD

I wore the Vogue 1259 dress with tights and the skirt behaved beautifully, even with all the dancing and jumping up to take photos.  It was super comfortable to wear, and you were all right about this outside-the-box ensemble…. of course!  My doubts about actually wearing it in public have been thoroughly put to rest.

a2d2Santa showed up, which was hilarious.  He sang a couple of songs that Mrs. Claus had written Santa-appropriate lyrics to, including one about exercise and proper diet, as he was looking a bit trimmer than usual.  He was very entertaining and interactive.  It was an excellent show in support of a good cause and a wonderful way to spend my birthday!

In sewing news, have been busy doing mundane alterations on a few items for friends, and finishing the McCardell dress so I can get on with the Christmas projects.  It’s finished, but I really want to have a decent belt before I share pictures and tell you about the very unusual construction process, considering that it’s a jersey dress.  I’m going to keep you hanging on this, but let me just say you’ll find it very interesting!  So I’ll get that belt either purchased or made and take some decent pictures by the end of the week… I’m hoping!!  And, in case you’re wondering, no.  I haven’t cut Christmas projects yet.  Am I starting to panic? Nope, although I may if I don’t get something started this week.

Oh, and because this is my birthday week, I’d like to announce a giveaway!  Yay!  First ever for this blog, and hopefully the first of many.  It’s too close to Christmas to give away holiday party appropriate fabric (I’m thinking taffeta and sequins), so I thought I’d offer a length of silk chiffon.  It’s an Anna Sui fabric with gold metallic threads running lengthwise.  This piece is 3m long and 135cm wide.


I’ll do the draw for it on Friday this week, and hopefully it will arrive in time for Christmas Day at the winner’s house!  It’s the usual eligibility rule:  leave a comment and you’re entered into the draw!