My necklace

Ratanak necklace

This necklace is from Cambodia.  On Saturday, November 19th, I went with my friend Lisa (who makes amazing jewelry) to a benefit concert at The Meeting House in Oakville, Ontario.  An artist I had never heard of called Kelita who was performing, but her concert was to benefit the Ratanak Foundation, an organization that rescues girls from the brothels in Cambodia.  Some of these girls are 5 years old.  FIVE YEARS OLD.  My girls could be one of those girls, sold into rape, servicing 8 to 10 men a night if it wasn’t for the grace of God allowing us to live in the luxury and ease of North America.

Anyways, my necklace was made by one of those precious rescued girls.  Isn’t it beautiful?

Daughters necklace detail

Ratanak partners with several organizations to give these girls a safe place to live, receive much needed medical attention and counseling, and to learn new skills so they can live lives of freedom from abuse and slavery.  Lisa invited me to help her sell some of her creations in support of this much-needed mission of social justice.  Her goal was to support Newsong, where the girls go for healing and recovery.

Lisa's jewellry

This is a picture taken in her home as we were working on getting all the tags put on each piece.  What an honor it was to be there, listening to Kelita’s songs and skits, and seeing the beautiful creations that Lisa had made going like hotcakes in support of setting these young girls free.  Free.  When I’m confronted with the horrors of the way other women and children around the world have to live their lives, I am so grateful – so grateful – that my girls can grow up in safety and health.

L.A. Oppitz Designs yellow necklace

I chose two pieces:  the beautiful yellow jade necklace, and this quirky 34” long stone necklace with copper findings.

L.A. Oppitz Designs long stone necklace

BTW, I’m nagging Lisa to set up her own blog and website so you can see more of her creations and buy a piece for yourself!

long stone necklace detail

Don’t you just love the uniqueness of these stones?  I don’t think you could make two necklaces exactly alike out of these beautiful natural stones.

SSS Day 22 and 23

SSS 22

Well, here I am on Wednesday, September 22nd, on my way out the door to the library, of all places, to pick up holds that my DD2 had put on…. wait for it…. Hannah Montana stuff.  😮  I also had an interview with DD2’s new teacher to see how she’s fitting in at her new school this year.

Cardi-wrap and tank:  Simplicity 2603 again with capris from Lands End and shoes from Town Shoes.   BTW, I wanted to share a picture of my little Nuggett trying to figure out the Simplicity cardigan pattern layout.

isn't he just so darn cute?!?

He’s so funny.  Every time I sit down to sew, he thinks I want to play.  So he drags all his toys and sits at my feet and yelps when I get up to press something and inadvertently step on his little feet.  He’s been in our house since April – you’d think he’d know better by now!  And don’t you love all the scissors holding the pattern piece in place?  I was just too damn lazy to pin the entire thing, so I used my shears collection as pattern weights!

Day 23:

Well, this morning I worked on a headboard cover.  Yup.  A headboard cover.  My first ever foray into the world of home decor.  I must say, sewing 1/2″ diameter piping is not a piece of cake, especially around corners.  I was asked to put this together for a lady in our church who’s redecorating a room for her granddaughter.   I finished it up this evening, and will drop it off tomorrow.  Hopefully I can get a picture so you can see it tomorrow.

Anyhow….  Since the best radio station in Toronto with a Weather Guarantee said it would be 21°C today, I decided I’d wear my “Oh, Susannah” Liberty dress in Vogue 8469.  You can read my review here, since this was prior to the start of my blogging.   And off I went to read with my little guys at school this afternoon.

Nuggett watching the camera take my picture

By the way, I’m wearing Lisa’s purple earrings again!  These are very comfy and unusual and pretty and subtle and unique.  I think that about describes all aspects of them nicely! 🙂  Oh, and did I mention they’re PURPLE!?!?!?!

SSS Day 10 – 14

Well, I must confess I haven’t been 100% faithful in this endeavour.  Here’s my update:

Day 10:  a SAHM chore day.  I stayed in yoga wear all day, with my SSS contribution being Lisa’s lovely earrings again!

Day 11:  no photos, and I’ll be blessed if I can remember what I did, where I went, or what I wore.  It was the first Saturday after the first week of school, so we just crashed and hung out at home all day.

Day 12:  a lazy Sunday at home with my crew.  I confess I stayed in my PJ’s ALL DAY.  (Yup, I’m smiling 🙂 !)

Day 13:  I had to meet an older friend who has asked me to sew up a headboard slipcover for her granddaughter’s bedroom.

Gap jeans, JNY top, DK jacket, Roots Purple Rain bag

Day 14:  repeat day

Gap jeans and Simplicity4076

Day 15: out all day – first at Community Bible Study, and then hunting for odds and ends of clothing items my girls need (slippers, tights, shoes, etc.)  I didn’t wear anything I’ve stitched myself.  The pants and top are Anne Klein.  But the scarf  is a lovely eternity scarf made by a good friend of mine who is gifted with knitting needles.  And Lisa’s earrings again.  D’ya think they’re one of my favourites?

Jen's eternity scarf & Lisa's earrings - both in purple!!!!

Self-Stitched September

Well, SSS is not happening in my house too much, I must confess.  The weather turned all yucky last Wednesday, and I just felt like jeans and sweaters – neither of which I’ve ever made myself!!!!

I must say, I signed up because it sounded like a great idea, and I was on a summer sewing roll craving dresses.  So, hoping that September would be hot enough to just wear the dresses I’ve been putting together over the summer, I signed up.

Alas, I don’t have pictures, so you’ll just have to believe my catalogue of outfits:

September 1:  Went to meet with friends, and it was HOT.  So I wore the last installment of the Fall Jersey.  And wouldn’t you know it, but the hem went wonkers by the end of the day – the right side was at my ankles!!!!  Guess I’ll need to fix THAT.

September 2:   Went to the ROM with my kids, and, since walking around with three kids doesn’t really call for glamour, I opted for a very old lime green tank top and the stretch denim skirt from Vogue 1093 (see Waiting for Notions).

September 3: Rainy wet cold and generally miserable outside.  Put on a pair of capris and the top from Vogue 8565 with a sweater and schlepped around the house all day, since my mom was looking after the kids.  The best part was a quiet child-less dinner with DH at the end of the day!!!

September 4: Another raining and wet day, but I had lessons to chauffeur little people to, so I put on my favourite linen jacket over a T-shirt and jeans.

September 5:  Lazy lazy Sunday morning.  Didn’t go to church but did manage to get up to keep a date with good friends.  Didn’t wear anything I made, but put on a lovely pair of earrings made by Lisa.

Today – SSS # 6:  I’m wimping out again because I really need to focus on sewing tops and shirts in my life.  It’s Labour Day here in Canada – the day before school starts – so we’re just lazing around taking it easy today.  The only thing handmade I’m wearing today is the set of purple earrings that I wore yesterday.  Maybe tomorrow there’ll be more interesting things to tell you!  🙂