YKK: The Real Deal

After reading a couple of the comments on my last post about splitting invisible zippers, it seems I’ve been had.

zippersThis is a small selection of zippers in my stash, all of them purchased from either my local Fabricland or World Sew Centre from the Fashion District downtown.  If you zoom in, you can see that all the zipper pulls have YKK on them.  So you’d think you’d be getting a YKK zipper, right?  Wrong.

The only genuine YKK zipper is the metal zipper on the far right.  Since Jen (NY) left her comment, and Anne from Mercury Handmade’s similar comment on my previous post, I’ve been scouring the internet looking at closeup’s of YKK zippers on websites.  Guess what I learned?  I’ve been buying crap imitation invisible nylon zippers.  With a “YKK” imprint on the sliders.

So, I’m going to scrounge around the internet and order some from somewhere, and then, on August 10th, when the Toronto Sewcialists meet up, I’ll pick everyone’s brain and scour the fashion district in the hopes of finding a local genuine YKK vendor.

Sewista Party Time

I’m passing on a couple of important news items!  First, Gillian from Crafting A Rainbow in cahoots with Adrienne have arranged a meet-up in the heart of Toronto’s Fashion District this Saturday.  blog meetup button And the second important piece of information is via Tanit-Isis about a brilliant idea of Vicki’s that will help us find each other on a global scale.  Go ahead!  Add your little blue button!