My Turn

After commiserating with Carolyn of Sewing Fanatic fame over the last few weeks as she’s been keeping us up to date about her recent water nightmare, I’m rather unhappy to announce that it’s my turn.  Toronto was inundated with water on Monday night – it broke all precipitation records, including Hurricane Hazel – , and my basement got off easy – only 3 inches of flooding.   I was home when the groundwater started bubbling like a little spring into my basement where the city’s water line comes into our house.  All my girls were home, and I just want to say I am so so proud of them!  They hustled and lifted and carried and pulled and moved rugs, totes of fabric, books, furniture and media out of harm’s way – most of it went upstairs, although we made way for 6 inches of water, should we get that much.  There’s NO damage to anything sewing related, thank God! And all of our books are safe, too, which is a big thing in this house.  Bookcases can go, but book collections are precious!  Here’s what the sewing area looks like now.  Actually, this photo is a good representation of what my entire house looks like right now, due to dumping items in random places in the hurry to get everything out of water’s way.  And, of course, the kitchen upstairs is still incomplete, so that’s a disaster area.  *sigh*

IMG_1352[1] The insurance company finally sent over the clean-up/restoration company this morning with two huge, noisy and extremely effective dehumidifiers.  And a lovely 100% natural disinfectant made from eucalyptus and thyme oils.  It smells divine after all the wet and bleach smells.  I’d been spraying with bleach as soon as the water was vacuumed up to inhibit mould and mildew. Ugh.  I am so happy that someone arrived!  I’ve been moving, cleaning, and emptying all the mess under the verandah in a space called the cantina and am overwhelmed but just how much more is left to do before it can all be put back together again.  We’re drying out, but the drywall and an entire bedroom of carpeting and wood flooring needs to be completely ripped out.  Needless to say, it’ll be a couple of weeks before any sewing gets done around here.

Oh, did I mention that the precious fabric collection is safe?  I wonder what the insurance company would say about the value of that if it had needed to be replaced.  🙂