A lot of work for a simple shirt

This sequin business is a PITA, and I mean it.  Every single strand of sequins and beads is attached by a chain stitch, so I need to be super careful about how much I pull on a thread to eliminate the pretty things prior to stitching the seams or I end up eliminating too many and will have to put on inches of replacement pieces.  Here’s the seam allowances for one sleeve prior to stitching it.

sleeve (2)And here’s a closeup of a shoulder seam after stitching, but before adding back the pieces that are missing.  Messy business.

shoulder seams

And here’s a picture of one of the darts after my final ministrations of re-attaching the missing beads.  It was near impossible to make the lines of beads and sequins line up perfectly.  I’m not exactly happy with this, but what the heck.  This shirt is a learning experience and an experiment all rolled into one.

dartAnd then, of course, after having fitted the toile to perfection, the beaded silk hangs differently, so I’m re-fitting as I go. This has got to be one of the fussiest projects ever.  I hope I wear this.

Finicky Bits

Sequin DartsThis is a bust dart from my current project.  I’ve never worked with sequin-encrusted fabric before.  It’s impossible to sew with a machine, mostly because the small seed beads are not needle-friendly.  I’ll be constructing this garment completely by hand.