Batik Burda Jumpsuit

Newest summer schlepping addition for DD1’s wardrobe is a jumpsuit.   Um… I remember these things from when I was her age – only they were in terry-cloth and called rompers.  I also remember wanting one.  Did I actually ever wear one?  I honestly can’t remember, although there is a sneaking suspicion in the back of my mind that I did wear for one summer as a young teen.

Anyways, this was a much-desired piece for her summer wardrobe wear this year, and yes, the batik was the required fabric for it.  It’s not the most ideal fabric for this garment – something flimsier and drapey-er would have been much better.  Hopefully it will soften up with washings.  The batik is actually quite beautiful with every shade of blue from cobalt to dark teal to navy hovering around.  And it’s a very stable fabric, so whipping this little number together took all of a couple of hours.  Pressing it was the most fun, too.  I don’t know about you, but I really like how different fabrics have their own peculiar scent.  Silks and wools are heavenly.  It’s like a waft of perfume sometimes as I work with them.  Linen doesn’t seem to have a scent, and I’m not going to talk about polyester types.  But this batik took the award for scents.  Every time I pressed it I smelled hot wax.  :0

We used the jumper pattern from Burda’s April issue, which shows it in two lengths and is modeled in  washed silk or batiste.  Very different from the cotton batik we used.I cut a straight size 38, mostly because DD1 does not like tight fitting clothes for play, and she is horribly afraid this will shrink in the wash.  Besides, I think she’s hoping she can wear it for summers to come.   We shortened the length of the shorts by about 4 inches.  The original Burda pattern is quite long – Bermuda length or pant length with elasticized ankles.It was a super easy pattern to sew up.  The pockets are set in the side seams, and the waist and top band are elasticized.  Not much fitting required, and that means a fast job.  At least I liked the fabric on this one….  🙂