baby blue camoflauge

baby blue camo shorts (2)As promised, here’s some camo!  My youngest saw the baby blue camo and wanted capris.  I purchased enough to make shorts, too, and sewed those up first using Burda 7/2013 #105.  Burda 7-2013-105

Let’s just say I shouldn’t have deviated from the jean shorts pattern.  She has a very long hip measurement, and these shorts were barely decent – a good 6 inches below her waist – and she was not comfortable wearing them.  So I asked DD1 if she liked them, and she gamely tried them on.

baby blue camo backAfter taking in the waist, they fit perfectly, although she wasn’t sure about the fullness in the fronts from the pleats.  The tightly woven cotton fabric does have a bit of stiffness to it, which accentuates the pleats.Burda 7-2013-105 shortHowever, she’s been wearing them a lot lately, so they must be comfortable.  The pattern is a super-easy sew.  Burda 7-2013-105 side viewThey are quite short, and I added about 4 inches to the length. Shorts that hint at junk curves are not attractive.  The cuffs are a nice touch, especially with the camo fabric, I think.  Not quite what one would expect.  The only other change I made was to leave off the belt loops.  Next up, I’ll try to get a pic of the camo capris.