Fixing and tweaking

So, after wearing the Jester blouse for a day and mulling it over for days in my head, I decided I really wanted to do that neckline differently.  Y’know, like Burda had suggested in the first place.  *hand-forehead*  So I unpicked the long ties from the front pieces, all the way back to the front sleeve seam and added a 1/4″ narrow bias binding.

B 11-2012-109 front

I hand stitched it to the neckline with as tiny stitches as I could manage, but of course, everything shows up on this silk charmeuse.

B 11-2012-109 hand binding

I machine stitched the opening in the ties closed, catching the end of the bound neckline so that it would be secure.  Although Burda doesn’t suggest it, I added a thread eye and a hook to the upper edge of the binding to keep it closed perfectly.

B 11-2012-109 hook

I used burgundy thread for the eye, and orange thread to make the thread loop, which can barely be seen in the background above.  Looks good!  I like it better than the lazy way I’d finished it previously.  I can tie the ties higher, in a bow or leave them loose, or knot them lower.  I like the versatility finishing the neckline this way affords me.

B 11-2012-109

And, of course, the button closure lies closed properly now.  I’m always going back to change something once a garment is complete.  Do you continue to fuss with “finished garments”, too?

B 11-2012-109 closed