Plans gone awry

Woe is me. I’ve had two projects in my cue and they’ve both gone off the rails.  The first, and most pressing, is a new winter dress coat for DD3.  In an effort to be economical, I asked her to shop my stash, and she decided this purple-green-teal tweed was the best thing available.

v7792 tweed

This Vogue pattern I’ve made up a few times over the years.  The details make it:  all the pleats in the back and the length…. The length is very important.  My little princesses really like their winter dress coats LONG.  Unfortunately, there’s not enough tweed for this gem.  The fabric is only 35 inches wide, and there’s no way to squeeze the coat out of it.  So I’ll be shopping for fabric.

And the other complete mess up is this:


It’s a vintage Claire McCardell design for McCall’s (M4228)  that I purchased off EBay last winter.  The jersey is from EOS, but being distracted by some kids movie that the girls were watching while I was attempting to cut this darling, I completely planned the cutting WRONG!!!!!!!  I don’t have enough fabric because I didn’t lay it all out prior to cutting.  How stupid!  Now I have 3 large pieces (skirt) and one not-large-enough piece for the bodice and the belt.  I actually don’t know what I’m going to use all these pieces for, but it won’t be this dress.