Silk Drapes I

I am trying to replicate a drapery fabric that is long out of production.  I have lucked out in finding silk duppioni in a lavender-thyme colour way, and am now trying to stencil this damask design from Nobilis, a fabric mill in France.  Here’s my inspiration:LR drapery fabricI found these magnificent stencils on Cutting Edge Stencils, which ship to Canada very reasonably.  No one in Canada, BTW, carries these because they are so reasonably priced directly from the US website.drapery trialThen I sourced fabric paint from Dharma Trading.  My local art supply store carries these, too.fabric paintHere’s my first go. drape sampleI’m not 100% happy with either the stencil or the purples, so I have ordered another set of stencils to see if I like a different design better, and I will be mixing paint colours to come up with one that I really like.trial 1There’s a lot of metallic in the Lumiere paints, and I’m not so sure that I like it.  I’ll be trying this again with flat paints, and perhaps adding a bit more red/magenta to the violet.  I like the idea of the stencils being imperfect, with gradations of gold-violet-purple everywhere.

BTW, you would not believe how much doing this myself is saving my pocket book.  When this project is done, I’ll crunch the numbers.

Purple Pattern Placement

Ok, peeps.  As much as I’d love to have a blog about perfect sewing and all that, it’s just not possible because I’m not a perfect seamstress!  This blog post is a perfect case in point.  You all know I’m challenged in pattern placement if you’ve been reading this blog for a while.  Well, here’s my latest example of just how challenged I am.B SS-2011-416Now before you all panic, I’d like to let you all know that I’ve completely taken apart the bodice.  Commiserate with me, please.  As I sat waiting for a routine medical appointment with DD#2, I unpicked and entire bodice held together by triple stitching for stretch fabrics. Sometimes waiting for h-o-u-r-s for that specialist you see once a year is a godsend when one has dreaded tasks like this to accomplish.

dark purple sleevesdark purple lapAnd here’s the two new pattern placements I’m deciding between.  What do you think?  I’ve also changed the skirt pattern around.  I’m sorry for the crappy draping on the right, but I was wanting an idea of colour when I took these and didn’t really care much about perfect draping.

What do you think?  Maybe it should just be shortened?  This is really difficult for me!  Maybe I should stick to solid colours or tiny prints.  Or buy double the yardage when I’m working with a patterned fabric!!

Input and opinions, please please! I would like this dress to work and not be relegated to the magic closet for three years and then to the thrift shop after the pain of fabric cost has worn off.

Are you tired of this pattern yet?

I’m running out of casual me-mades for this MMM challenge.  So I sewed my most-sewn top – again – this morning so I’d have something me-made to wear with this favourite RTW skirt of mine.

Obligatory back view.  The fabric is a wonderful 14oz rayon-lycra jersey from EmmaOneSock (originally intended for Vogue 1259, then changed to the McCardell dress, that never happened due to a layout error) which has been languishing in my stash since last fall.  I tried to use the smaller bits of the fabric, and ended up with a CB seam (not in the original design).

I wonder how many more I’ll make before all’s said and done.  🙂