Still Busy

Now this project took a little longer than I thought it would.pattern filingThat’s me sorting my pattern stash.  I’ve read about a million ideas to keep one’s stash in order; in good condition; and in check.  And I finally did something about it.

I put all the pattern envelopes into plastic sheet covers and then into respective binders, sorting by pattern type.patternsThen all the pattern pieces and the instructions went into manilla envelopes, which are filed numerically.  I wrote the pattern numbers at the top RH corner of the envelopes and  on the top LH horizontal edge.  Mostly because I don’t know which way the envelopes will be filed once I get my sewing space pattern storage set up… after every other possible renovation project in this house is complete…. :/numerical orderFor now, the binders sit on the bottommost rung of a sawed-off bookcase, while the envelopes are stores in boxes and then stuffed into various nooks and crannies in the general sewing vicinity.bindersI did this whilst waiting for restoration to end, and last week went on a cutting spree, piling up ready-to-be-sewn projects alongside my sewing machine until a sewspicious day comes along.  Why didn’t I organize my pattern stash sooner?  This makes choosing and finding what I want a fun experience, not one fraught with an overwhelming sense of being overwhelmed by the patterns themselves.