SWAP 2012 Fabric Choices

Thank you all so very much for weighing in with how to proceed with this foray into unknown waters for me.  (What’s with all the water metaphors lately? *shrug*)  I went shopping through my stash to see what went together.  What I really need is a fabric wall like Carolyn has. Seeing fabric out like that in your sewing area would certainly bring inspiration and aha! moments for combinations.  But here’s my choices after laying out fabric across my basement. 

Top row:

  • green boucle for a jacket
  • printed silk charmeuse

Middle row from left:

  • espresso stretch denim
  • dark olive ponte
  • caramel wool
  • sage green wool crepe
  • dark wine wool crepe
  • poly georgette

SWAP 2012

And this is the Harris tweed that I’m hoping to make a coat for the fall.  The fabric for the Chanel-duster idea just didn’t work out with the colours of this wardrobe, but perhaps another time!

harris tweed

I’m excited about this!  I feel like my sewing has some direction, and I’m not overwhelmed by fabric choices and therefore stymied about what to do next.  Now I’m off to see about patterns.  Stay tuned!

SWAP Winter 2012

So, wanting to actually sew with a plan for the first time ever in my life because I really need a functional fall wardrobe this year, I’ve been reading, thinking, reading and thinking some more about Steph’s blog posts on colour and wardrobe planning.  I quote from one of her Conversant in Colour posts:

If you’re new to the process of wardrobing, I suggest starting with:

  • a basic topper with a bottom in a neutral (a suit, or a casual jacket/cardi and a bottom) (Use the Neutral Color)
  • a simple blouse/tee (Use Color 1)
  • a more “interesting” blouse/tee (Use Color 2)
  • another bottom (Use Color 1 or 2)
  • maybe with a dress in a color/fabric that harmonizes with the rest.

This would give you two tops, two bottoms, a “topper” and maybe a dress.  That’s eight outfits.  (Did I count right?)  If the idea of sewing a “topper” sounds scary and weird, then don’t sew it.  With the dress, that’s still 5 different outfits.

This is manageable.

Hmmm.  Manageable.  OK.  So, I know I need bottoms and tops, and I’d like to make a wool dress and a couple of jackets.  This is my list of needs:

  • LRD (wool crepe)
  • trousers (wool)
  • jeans/casual pants
  • fall coat – need this!  Big time! Probably should be first on the list.
  • Chanel inspired duster from last season (why not?  I’m never on trend!)
  • two or more blouses (I really need want pretty tops)
  • jacket or two

And now I need to marry fabric to the garments.  But what to do first?  Choose the designs and then the fabric?  Vice versa?  Or decide with the fabric/patterns in tandem?   This is new territory for me.  I’ve always shied away from the process of planning because I just wanted to get on with the sewing.  But I’ve come to the point where I really want things that look like they belong together in my wardrobe – not random stand-alone pieces.  What do you do? Have you ever sewn with a plan?  Did it work for you?