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Vogue 8656 top, yoga pants and an old sweater

Well, peeps, I’ve been tagged by the wonderfully inspiring Mrs. Mole in the current game of Blog Hop.  Thank you muchly, Mrs. Mole.  And to plunge right in….

Why do I write?

Well, I’m an introvert’s introvert, so writing is a safe way to express myself, I guess.  Saves me from all that anxiety and energy expenditure required for smiling and being social.  I can tuck myself into a corner and type and edit to my heart’s content and never once have to think about my facial expression.  And I get to write about the projects I’m happy with, or I hate, or pattern instructions that frustrate me, and I get to edit.  Editing is important, because I often want to edit what I say, but by then it’s too late.  Writing gives me the chance to really say what I mean.  If I’m motivated to, of course.  And after I edit it.

What am I working on?

A spidery lace overdress for DD1 from Burda February 2014. We haven’t decided on the t-shirt dress fabric (or if we’ll bother with it). No.  It’s not for a celebration of dead scary things this Friday, October 31st.  This is a fashion statement dress that she will wear out to dinner.123_0214_b_large

How does my blog differ from other sewing blogs?

Um, honesty maybe?  And copious amounts of ordinariness? There’s not a lot of people in my life who sew at the level I do, and this blog (and PR and BurdaStyle) is a way to get feedback from others who know when fabric is off-grain or can interpret those darned drag lines that a non-sewist would never see, even if they hit them over the head and restricted every move they wanted to make.  I love to sew. I love working with needles and thread and embroidery (don’t do enough anymore).  I love fabric.  MMM14 Day 30I almost always do waaaay more imaginary sewing than real (frustrating, but true… especially at night).  So I’ll blog my makes and dreams, and share my failures because everything I sew is not perfect, and, quite frankly, nothing is more off-putting than a blog where everything is photographed perfectly and made perfectly and there’s nary an error to be seen.  I have Vogue magazine for that kind of thing if I want it.  My sewing blog is a hobby, period.  I’m not ever going to market my blog, garner newspaper and media praise or sign up affiliates or hope to have this earmarked as a trendy fashionista-sewista blog.  This is my way of taking pictures to check fit and document what I’ve made and connect with others in the sewing community.  From the safety of my sewing room, of course.  🙂

What is my writing process?

True to my character, my process is as variable as the project.  Sometimes stream-of-consciousness – particularly if I have a proverbial bee in my bonnet about something or other and can’t get my thoughts out fast enough. Sometimes each sentence is edited within an inch of it’s punctuation because I don’t know WHAT to say about a project, and I’m hoping editing will provide inspiration.  Mostly I’ll take pictures and then hem and haw away about what to say about them, but a picture is worth 1000 words, right?IMG_2392

And now to pass on the baton:  I’d like to nominate Allison because I love seeing her makes, and often times I’ll laugh because she’ll have sewn and blogged a project that’s in my queue! And Chris from Said & Done: Handmade by Chris because …  Well, because she has an “ordinary” sewing blog like mine, and I like being allowed a glimpse or two into other not-for-profit-or-fame sewing worlds.

I’m a little slow sometimes…

Well, I’ve followed other blogs on bloglovin for a while, but never claimed my own blog on their site.  How brain-dead is that?  Anyways, I’ve dotted that “i” and it’s all good. You can follow me on Bloglovin here

Spam Special of the Day

I just couldn’t resist sharing this one!

He especially enjoys one that is loaded with veggies.
Place sliced tomatoes and Arugula on top of the Mozzarella. That is, until I thought about making a pizza using my cast iron skillet.


Now I know what to make for dinner! 🙂

The lull after Christmas

PC240019 Christmas is always something that I really look forward to.  The lights, family gatherings, food and general prettiness of all the decorations and colours make it my favourite holiday.  I try to plan ahead so that I don’t get overwhelmed by it all as the day approaches, and even though for the most part I think I am successful at avoiding last minute panic, it’s always nice to sit and enjoy the sense of laziness that occurs after the celebrations are over.  Christmas week, as I used to call it as a child, is wonderful for it’s lack of schedule and rush against the clock that is the norm for the other 358 days of the year; for the rotating meals at various family members’ houses; and the anticipation of New Year’s celebrations.012 This Christmas was a new adventure for me in the area of gift giving, as we decided as a family (well, mom and 3 DDs) to make our gifts. We only exchange with cousins, my dear SIL and my MIL. I chose to make hats for my nieces, SIL and MIL, and my DD1 decided she’d crochet everyone gifts: a scarf for her Tia and Vôvô, and fingerless gloves for the cousins.   For the girls’ hats I used the beret from V7792, and did one in a dark purple velvet, lined with lavender silk shantung shot with turquoise.  I don’t have a model picture of it, but here it is with me modelling the left hand of the pair of fingerless gloves DD1 crocheted.  She used a mauvey stretch yarn with silver metallic threads running through it. DSC04344 The second hat was a red boiled wool-rayon blend from my scrap box.  It was a bit heavy for the pattern, so the shape is more definitive.  I lined it with shot pink taffeta.  The fingerless gloves were made with the same yarn as the purple pair, but in magenta.  The girls were very pleased with the gifts.

Christmas Eve sophia gifts 2You’ve already seen the scarf DD1 made for her Tia in a previous post. I made a red hat using Vogue 8440, View A, from the same boiled wool as my niece’s.  It complemented the scarf perfectly.  V8440 I made a little knot using the instructions from the fabulous Ralph Rucci dress made by Terri, and lined it with black silk shantung. DSC04345DSC04347

The pattern was extremely simple – it consisted of two pieces, one of which was for the band interfacing.  It’s the same piece cut 4 times and stitched together.  And it looks lovely.  I’m sorry I don’t have a picture of it being worn, so you’ll just have to take my word for it!  I made one for my MIL from the black faux Persian lamb that’s been in my stash for years.  You can see a hat made for my daughters of the same fabric here.  I lined her hat with pink silk as she has been recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and started her chemo treatments 3 days prior to Christmas.  She was able to celebrate with us, which was the most wonderful gift that evening.  My DD1 made her a scarf in the same pattern as the one for Tia, only in black and shades of blue, which are my MIL’s preferred colours.

And I’m thrilled to announce we’ve a new member in our family.  I got a hedgehog for Christmas!  I’ve put one on my list for many years, and finally Santa thought maybe I was serious about such a ridiculous request, particularly coming from someone my age!  Ha!pickles

Isn’t she just so CUTE?  We’ve called her Pickles.  With a dog called Nuggett, I think we’ve a food obsession going on in this house….


I thought I’d brag on my eldest daughter here for a bit.  She has been teaching herself to crochet for the last year or so, and what with our decision to make gifts this year, has been working hard and is really becoming quite proficient!  Case in point:  a scarf for my SIL, her Tia Luisa.scarfI’m trying to convince her to post pictures of her creations on Ravelry, since I have friends who knit and would be interested in seeing what she does.  So I offered to model the scarf for her today to get pictures for her to upload. rose scarfI have no idea what the name of the pattern is or what kind of wool she used, but I do know that the flower is cotton.  It’s very pretty, and I must say I am impressed.  And from earlier this fall here’s another example of her work.  She finally finished up a lacy tank made from mohair lace yarn and cotton that she’d started in May, I think.  It took a long time, as the pattern was a bit more difficult that she was used to following.DSC03653 It was freezing the day we took this picture, but she said she was warm in this cowl-necked tank.  She has worn it a lot, and I think the comments and encouragement she’s recieved has convinced her crocheting is rewarding.  I know she’s planning to knit little fingerless gloves for my nieces, a little hat for the nephew, another scarf in blue for Vôvô (DH’s mother), and something for me.  She hates to sew, BTW.  After making her dress last summer, she has decided she’d rather clean the house than sew up something to wear.  And she thinks the “crocheting thing” is a passing fad in her life.  Time will tell!

P.S.  Have you noticed it’s snowing at WordPress?  It’s totally cool!  I wish it would snow here….. 😦

I have been busy

Honest!  I just haven’t had time to blog about what I’ve been doing.

The first and most important thing to say is that I’ve finally finish my Cavalli inspired coat and actually wore in to a fundraising dinner 2 weeks ago, but I never took any pictures.  So the pictures and the review of it will have to wait until whenever I wear it again.  I honestly didn’t feel like getting all dolled up the next day just to take pictures.  Sorry I’m so lazy!

And then I took DD1 shopping for a new summer wardrobe.  During March break she schlepped around town and the house with me in the most horrible combinations of sweatpants and hoodies that I’ve ever laid eyes on.  “OK, Hannah,” I said. “We’re going to up the ante on your summer wardrobe a bit.  We just can’t have you wandering around Toronto looking like something mismatched and sloppy that the dog dragged in.”  I must say her lack of choice in the wardrobe is my fault.  She wears a uniform to school, and since her extra-curricular activities require other uniforms (dance, football and track), I’ve never really paid much attention to her closet except to make sure she’s got a couple of pairs of jeans, sweaters to wear in the winter and a reasonable choice of “nicer” things to wear to church on Sundays.

So…. we made a deal:  she needs new semi-casual clothes for the summer that look presentable (IMO), and it was her job to decide what she needed/wanted.  Her first task was to make a list of what she thought she needed for summer.  Then out came my collection of Burda magazines with the instructions to “look through them and make a list of the designs you like”.  She chose designs from these three:

Hannah's BS choices

And these three Vogue patterns:

Hannah's V choices

Then we went shopping at Fabricland, since they were having their 50% off member’s sale.  DD1 doesn’t particularly like fabric shopping because the choices are overwhelming, so my instructions to her were simple:  Put the designs out of your head and walk around until you run into a fabric that jumps out, grabs you by the shirt and yells – ‘Pick me!’”  Well, that made it a lot easier in terms of choice, so here’s her little mood board.

Hannah's ideas

And here’s my collection of traced Burda patterns awaiting their turn.

Burda patterns

DD1 is old enough to babysit now, and she volunteered her services in a pinch the other weekend.  When I asked her what she was going to charge me, she was rather confused, so I offered to do a swap:  summer clothes for babysitting.  Smile  “Sure, mom.  I like that idea.”