lurex tweed skirt

lurex tweedI made this skirt a couple of weeks ago, and only just wore it today.  It’s part of my TULE (tying up loose ends) plan, which is due April 30th, but won’t be done by then, barring some miracle of time and motivation.

I didn’t quite have enough to cut out the entire skirt (it’s OOP Vogue 1838 by Claude Montana) so I pieced the bottom of the back with pleats.skirt pleated fishtail (2)Here’s the inside:skirt pleats interiorThe hem allowance is a faux Hong Kong finish with the lining fabric, which doesn’t have the pleats – just a simple hemmed slit held in place with a thread chain.thread chain (2)I used petersham ribbon for the waistband and hand picked the and waistbandIt’s a simple basic skirt that will get a lot of wear next winter.basic skirt