Me Made May ’13 Finale

Me Made May 13 - FinaleToday is the last day of Me-Made-May.  It’s been a bit (lot?) of a flop for me this year, and I’m disappointed that I wasn’t able to contribute more.  I don’t like to whine about being under the weather, but this spring has taken the entire cake for lousy health, and I missed most days this month because of it.  I’ve been shivering and shaking with fevers, and trying to sleep it off.  When I have felt a little better, I’d wander down to my sewing area and work on a stack of projects that are cut and waiting to be sewn.Vogue 2902 Part of our challenge for this week – it being Friday and every Friday had a theme – was “red”.  My shoes and this dress are my red contributions to the Flickr pool as I truly don’t own anything red – orange, sure, but not red. And looking at this, I’m going to change the top bands (which are completely fell stitched to the strapless lined bodice) out of a complementary red instead of the brown.

Anyways, the second part of our challenge today is to mention what we learned and appreciated.  So here’s my list:

  • I don’t have any me-made schlepping around clothes.  I have lots of pretty me-mades in my wardrobe that are great for when sleep and medication are not part of what’s getting me through the day.  This brings up a conundrum:  do I really want to make loungey me-mades?  My answer:  no.  I’ve enjoyed stretching my sewing and venturing into the world of knits and jerseys with various projects but unless a pattern jumps out at me, I don’t care to make up a stack of T-shirts or yoga pants or sweat pants or hoodies when I can buy such great brands like Roots.  I’d much rather spend my sewing time on dresses, trousers, blouses, skirts, coats and other such might-look-or-be-considered-frosting garments.  It’s what I like to sew, and so my schleppy wardrobe will remain RTW.
  • I love my gathered-front tops aka Burda 9/2011 #106.  I could make up this pattern forever as an exception to the first point of this list.
  • I need red dresses.

I love being part of the me-made challenge each year.  It’s just so much fun to see what other sewistas make and where.  I am impressed by just how normal we all look in our very own clothes.  It’s wonderful to think we do such a good job making our own clothes.  I do hope you all enjoyed participating, if you did, and will join us next time, if you haven’t yet.


in the sewing department, that is.  I haven’t stitched a thing since my last post, which is going to result in a rush for the finish line this weekend.  My dear nieces’ dresses are due. But I’ve been dutifully documenting my me-mades, though.  Only two days left and then I can stop fussing with pictures so much.   Taking a daily picture of what I’m wearing gets easier with the doing, but it does take up time that I would probably use for, um….. sewing!

MMJ Day 27

MMJ 27

This is probably not the best photo, but I couldn’t resist posting it, since Nuggett is all interested in what (the heck?) I’m doing.

Outfit: Dress is Vogue 2902, cardigan by Olsen.   I’m trying to drum up the energy to actually do something this morning, but that didn’t happen. It was a particularly useless Monday.


MMJ Day 7: Hot, hazy & humid


Yep, the three dreaded words for summer weather in T.O.  36C and humid humid humid, thanks to a roaring thunderstorm that went through at 4:30 a.m.  Just a quick post before I live the exact opposite of my official title, that being SAHM!  Smile

Outfit:  Vogue 2902 in a printed voile with espresso linen trim.  Shoes by Remix Vintage Shoes from Original on Queen Street West

Activities:  touring a new school for DD2, as she’ll be starting Grade 6 next year; running DD1 to the dentist for her first ever filling and tooth pulling; taxi service for all dear daughters to dance classes

MMJ 7 2Thoughts:  I don’t usually wear this dress with a belt, but maybe I should.  I love the big circle skirt.  Every time I wear this dress it reminds me of why I like to wear dresses so much.  Living in a circle skirt is a lot of fun.  I had to grade the bodice down a size, since I’d purchased the wrong size pattern for some reason, and then do the requisite FBA.  The waist sits a little above my natural waist, which feels odd – almost as if the vintage undergarments are missing or something along those lines.

vintage red shoes