Pattern Review: Vogue 8434

Well, my pieced-together pants are finally finished.  Here’s the front.

v8434 front

Y’know, I took about 15 pictures of these darn pants.  I don’t know what it is about the fabric, the pants or me, but I just couldn’t get a decent (publishable) picture that I was willing to show you.  This is the best of them.  Does anyone else have such a hard time shooting pants pics?  I mean, from this picture, you’d think the pants don’t hang properly, yet they do when I’m wearing them!

I lined these, although the pattern doesn’t call for lining.  I just like to have lined pants because I feel they hang better and, with a drapey fabric like the RPL I’ve sewn used, the lining helps the garment fit properly over those famous problem areas we all know about.

I have one caveat with this pattern:  the crotch front is really long.  See?

v8434 long front

I had to trim the pants a good 1.5” at the centre front, tapering to the side seams, to get the crotch to sit at the right level.  Maybe this was a deliberate design feature for the “mature figure” that Vogue Woman patterns are meant for?  I have not had this problem on pants before, so I was a bit surprised to have to alter them.

And here’s the back centre zipper.  Lovely and simple to put in without any fussing with facings, yadda yadda bladda like you need to do with a front fly zipper.  Sometimes you just want something simple to sew up, and forgo the endless fussing of tailoring (although my next pair will involve said tailoring).

v8434 back

The pants waistline sits high – right smack at the natural waist.  I added a waistband of 2” in height (depth? width?) to act as a sort of built in shapewear feature.  I was pleasantly surprised at how the pants sit at the waist.  I was expecting the more modern below-the-waist thingy, which is fine, but I’m liking this design.

This will be a great pair of self-stitched pants for daily wear, which is what I needed to add to my wardrobe to get ready for Me-Made-March in 2011.

Well, one (chocolate item) down, and the dress to go!