a winter white diversion

1940's dress form and me!

Well, after the labour involved in the coat for DD1, I thought I’d do something simple.  I had planned to make a knee-length bias skirt of the very dark chocolate brown (darker than the picture) fabric on my dress form, but Burda 09-2010-109 had been sticking in my proverbial creative mind, and I kept coming back to it.  I invaded my stash, and pulled out all the ivory silk that I own, purchased from who knows when.  It included about 1.3m of bridal charmeuse, two pieces of a mid-weight silk crepe, and yards and yards of a blush-ivory crepe that I thought was silk until I did a burn test:  polyester.

Burda 09-2010-109 back view

I originally wanted to do all of this blouse in the silk crepe, but I cut a 90’s Karl Lagerfeld short-sleeved blouse (still working on it, but I’ll review it next!), and there wasn’t quite enough left to put this Burda tunic together.  So I opted for the tuxedo look, using the charmeuse on the cuffs, plastron and collar.  (Btw, the word “plastron” was new to my vocabulary!)

crepe and charmeuse contrast

I didn’t really want the “tuxedo” look, but that’s all there was left to work with.  The poly crepe was not a colour match to the silk crepe, so I couldn’t use that, and I couldn’t cut the entire thing out of the poly crepe, because I have other designs for that – a second 1980’s Karl Lagerfeld blouse that will fit in with the HepburnHepburn project nicely.

~ the tux look ~

I will state that the opening of the blouse is a bit of an issue.  I did notice that the model’s bra is visible in the BurdaStyle picture….. Oh well, I’ll just work with it.  Like my DD1 suggested, “Why does your bra have to be skin-toned?  Make it contrasting so it’s pretty to look at!”   Uh….. right.


7 thoughts on “a winter white diversion

  1. This was one of my favorite patterns from that issues of Burda Style. I love your version. I think “same color, but different texture” fabrics always create a classy looking garment

  2. lovely website and beautiful samples of your work. I have the Sept. issue of Burda Style and for some reason did not give #109 a second look however YOUR creation is great and the photo of it/you with your hands on your waist says to me that you have an hourglass figure. So do I. Hence, if I don’t tuck in my tops. . . .I think it looks very maternity and well, at 68 that’s a bit over the top. How do you plan on wearing this top? Do you think you will always wear it out? I’ve put my issue on the classifieds of PR but will wait for your response to see if I need to make a “pick-out-copy.” Thanks!! Fryman aka Lillian

    1. Hi, Lillian! Thanks for visiting my blog, and thanks for your comment! I hadn’t really thought I’d do anything other than wear this top outside. I may put a vest over it (the extra in the September Burda issue is another thing that’s been rattling around in my creative mind) for a semi-casual look, or, if I’m really daring (and most likely not due to a less than gamine silhouette) I’ll belt it. However, knowing my conservative self, I’ll probably wear it out and dress up the neckline either with an interesting necklace or scarf, or great earrings!


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