The last blouse

Well, here we are.  I sewed up the final installment in my ivory triple-threat from Vogue 1900, yet another Karl Lagerfeld in my stash from ** gasp!** 1987. YIKES!  I wanted a long-sleeved loose-fitting ivory blouse that could be worn with high-waisted pants (which are still languishing in my HepburnHepburn project pile).

~ Vogue 1900 blouse ~

I have to confess that this blouse pattern has been in my stash since the year it was published, and I always wanted to make the darn thing, but never got around to it in 23 years.  So, having hauled out all the ivory crepe in my possession to make Burda 09-2010-109, I thought I’d go on a cutting spree.  After all, who needs only one ivory blouse? Winking smile

1900 drawing
blouse design drawing

This is from polyester crepe, and it was a pain in the ass to sew after working with the silk crepe for the previous two blouses.  However, since making this little darling up, I’m very very glad I did not make it in the 3 1/2 yards of silk crepe it requires.  See?

V1900 batwing sleeves
that'a a lotta sleeves!

Batwings, here I come!    Oh the horrors of being short-waisted.  If I had 2 inches additional length between my waist and my shoulders, the sleeves wouldn’t sit at my waistline!!! This would have been impossible (for me, anyways) to alter without totally re-designing the sleeves, and I wanted to keep the yoke intact.  Here’s a back view of the yoke.

V1900 back view
yoke back view


So I didn’t alter a thing.  The pattern is actually a size 14 but the bust point measurement on the pattern was 47”.  Yup.  You read that correctly.  Forty-seven inches.  Surprised smile So why bother with this thing?  Well, I liked the details.  The cuffs are curved, the sleeves have the little bit of extra fabric at the cuff line that I like in a long-sleeved blouse, the collar is low and fluid, and buttons on the front are off-centre.  I must say, it would have been wonderful in silk.  The polyester is a little impossible to shape and sew at times.

V1900 detail
front details

And that’s that.  I think it will be a very interesting ‘80’s vintage piece to wear.  Now I’ve got to get that pair of high-waisted camel wool crepe pants going…..


5 thoughts on “The last blouse

    1. Thanks, everyone, for your comments! I’ve yet to wear this thing. I pulled it out of the closet today with the intention of fiddling with the fit, but I think I’ll wait until my high-waisted pants (or skirt?) is done and see how this looks before I get happy with a pair of scissors!

  1. Hey, I have had this pattern since it was issued, too. Always wanted to make the long-sleeved blouse. I did make the short-sleeved one, though. Gosh, I forgot how generous sleeves were in the 80s. Still, I love this and may drag it out of my stash soon to make it up myself. I love the 1900s look it has.

  2. I love the details on your new and BIG blouse. Looking forward to seeing it with some high waisted camel wool crepe pants. Variations of both were my standard work wear for years and I found that amount of fabric comfortable to wear.


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