SWAP 2012 Fabric Choices

Thank you all so very much for weighing in with how to proceed with this foray into unknown waters for me.  (What’s with all the water metaphors lately? *shrug*)  I went shopping through my stash to see what went together.  What I really need is a fabric wall like Carolyn has. Seeing fabric out like that in your sewing area would certainly bring inspiration and aha! moments for combinations.  But here’s my choices after laying out fabric across my basement. 

Top row:

  • green boucle for a jacket
  • printed silk charmeuse

Middle row from left:

  • espresso stretch denim
  • dark olive ponte
  • caramel wool
  • sage green wool crepe
  • dark wine wool crepe
  • poly georgette

SWAP 2012

And this is the Harris tweed that I’m hoping to make a coat for the fall.  The fabric for the Chanel-duster idea just didn’t work out with the colours of this wardrobe, but perhaps another time!

harris tweed

I’m excited about this!  I feel like my sewing has some direction, and I’m not overwhelmed by fabric choices and therefore stymied about what to do next.  Now I’m off to see about patterns.  Stay tuned!

7 thoughts on “SWAP 2012 Fabric Choices

  1. Isn’t it just lovely to have a plan, fabrics all picked out and everything? ^__^ I’m super excited about my fall/winter plans, and it looks like you have the makings of a really exciting plan too!! ^__^

  2. I love the SWAP planning process as much as the other parts of a SWAP You have chosen some lovely fabrics. i can’t wait to see the patterns you choose.

  3. Oh, I love your color sense! The sage green and deep wine make such an exciting combo, and the two greys anchor it all wonderfully. I can hardly wait to see what this all becomes!

  4. These are beautiful. A true classic, Autumn pallet! Starting with coordinating fabrics seems like a sensible way to plan out a wardrobe. I am looking forward to seeing what you sew up come to together.

  5. I love your color scheme and can’t wait to hear what patterns you match with the fabrics! And you can come by and borrow my fabric wall anytime you want! 🙂


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