SWAP Wadder

So much for this idea.  A nice idea, but better left as an idea.B 05-2012-113


In all it’s unpressed glory.


But thought I’d like to try it on anyway.

front 2

Should be worn without a tucked-in sweater.


This is why I gravitate to the tailored, underlined and lined, long-and-involved skirt ideas.  Made of woven fabrics, peeps.


‘Nuff said.


22 thoughts on “SWAP Wadder

  1. This is the BurdaStyle Starburst skirt, right? It was on my wishlist, too, until I saw the finished product. From the diagram, the pleats look measured and clean, in real life they’re all over the place.

    I have a similar knit skirt that I bought from Asos and wore until holes formed in it. It’s the same style, it has pleats coming off the hip across the front, so I thought this was the best pattern to recreate my favorite skirt. The difference is, the pleats on my Asos skirt are not left “loose” they’re sewed down a significant way across the front so the lines remain clean despite the stretch of the fabric. Another thing is that even though it’s also a knit, it has very little stretch to it. This ponte knit looks like it deforms too easily due to the stretch.

    If you want to try again, you could try those modifications. I would really love to see this turn out, I don’t have enough sewing skill myself to tackle a project like this. Pleats make me nervous! But I love knit pencil skirts (even though panty lines are an issue) because they’re so much more comfortable than non-stretch pencil skirts.

  2. Actually, I think it really accentuates your waist in a very flattering way! Perhaps you just need a thicker knit with more body, like a ponte. Mmmh, on second thought, maybe that would be too thick for the pleats/darts. How about a stretch woven instead, with a bemberg lining so it is super slippery? Depending on how stretchy it is you might have to go a size bigger than you would normally… Thanks for sharing!

  3. It takes humility to model a wadder! Houses I have moved out of over the years contained a few bags in the corners of a closet. Upon investigation they were wadders! Fortunately this was prior to my sewing blog, so no need for memorializing the evidence on the world wide web…
    Hurray for you! You have rescued a number of people from attempting a skirt like that!

  4. I just adore the idea of this skirt, but I am not confident enough to make it in a knit. I was thinking of a stretch woven with side zip, if I can find the right fabric. It looks va-va-voom on you, being a terrific shape, but if there is too much of that it can be hard to wear. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. I think the only real issue is how clingy it is in a knit. It’s a good silhouette on you and in a woven or stretch woven that is lined or underlined it could be very attractive. It looks like the gathers come from pleats that are sewn in, yes? So, in a woven you could probably give it a little more ease and not lose the drape. You’d probably want to add a slit or vent for walking ease.

  6. Well….hmmmm. I actually like it, it’s a distinctive look, for any one on any body type. I would caution on using thicker fabric, just because the draping is really lovely with what you have. However, bottom line, if you don’t like it…toss, toss, toss. I couldn’t pull this look off, that fabric above the waist would all just bunch around my waist!

  7. I think the shape/style is good but the fabric looks . . . thin? Maybe in a heavier weight knit? But I know the feeling now that you’ve tried it you don’t want to go back and try it again. Sometimes – and maybe this is that time -it’s best to move on to another project and sewing success.

    1. Well, believe it or not, I used a ponte knit! And you’re quite right – it looks unbelievably thin. But it’s quite substantial….. onto the next project!

  8. I totally feel your pain! I did make this skirt, and it worked out ok. But, I made it out of heavy, black, ponte knit. Probably, the only fabric I could possibly get away with!

  9. Give Kim Kardashian a call, she could use something that stretches for the next 6 months…wow.
    Thanks for being so brave as to show the finished garment!

  10. I like it! Makes you look very curvaceously fabulous. But, please for the love of all that is good and holy, UNTUCK!! And no granny panties with stretch knits. That’s all for now. 🙂

    1. Ha ha! Shaping undergarments are de rigueur with knits, I know, and untucking hid the fun pleating. I wasn’t really trying to make this work. I confess I had already decided I didn’t like it. Ah, well! Maybe I’ll give this a go in a stretch woven…. 🙂

  11. Thank you…you’ve saved some of my fabric! I had the pattern traced and ready to go, too! I like the shape on you but I agree that this style just doesn’t work well in a stretchy knit….

  12. I’m sorry, but I had this image in my mind as to what would happen if the skirt was on me even before I saw it on you. And now I can’t stop laughing. It would have all (including the hem) settled around my waist! Patterns like this are pretty and would look good on my very thin daughter, but I, like you, need something a bit more structured! Thanks for sharing 🙂


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