winter dessert: cake’s pavlova

Pavlova Glen plaidPavlova, that is.  I must confess I’ve never actually eaten pavlova, so it was fun to sew pavlova.  I’ve read through many recipes, seen it on other peoples’ dessert plates and heard them rave about it, but I’ve never tried it myself.

I wanted to sew up Cake’s version of Pavlova ever since seeing Steph’s winter version in glen plaid and ivory wool.  So here’s my version.  First, the standard mug shots so you can see my bad posture and a variety of footwear.  I wasn’t sure what suited this outfit best, and I find pictures often tell a different story than the mirror. pavlova front 3       Pavlova side     pavlova back 2

The skirt is super swishy, which is always fun.  I thought I’d feel a bit twee in this silhouette, but it looks OK.  I confess to feeling a bit larger than life in it, but the pics tell a different story. I let the wool cure on my dress form after cutting the skirt for about a week before I finished it.  I do NOT want that hemline to travel south. The skirt hem is finished with lace, and I put in a bemberg lining.pavlova hem laceI changed the waist binding to a rather wide waistband – probably close to 2.5 inches –  which flatters my shape better and feels a bit corsety.  And the pocket is lovely.  Even my DH commented how much he liked the entire skirt – “and that’s a nice pocket” – when he saw it on my dress form.waistbandI faced the waistband with red/black shot taffeta instead of the wool taffeta waistbandThe top is a lightweight RPL from my local Fabricland.  I looked all over the globe via Google for ruby or burgundy merino wool knit, but really didn’t want to pay it.  Maybe next year, if my youngest doesn’t take this top for herself. And look! It doesn’t gap while changing shoes!no gap Pavlova topThe top was an hour or two in construction time.  I’d say it’s a big bang for the time investment. I can think of a few bottoms in my closet that would love this top for a companion. Next time I’ll make a long-sleeved version, although I was wondering about making this up for spring/summer in much shorter sleeves.  Cap sleeves, maybe?pavlova swish (2)So there’s my first go at anything pavlova.  Have you made this up? What did you think?


13 thoughts on “winter dessert: cake’s pavlova

  1. What a lovely combination! I really like this on you. Glad that it works with a number of shoe/boot options…this will make it very wearable! Great job!

  2. Ooh, that is a nice top! The no-gaping, the waist flattery, the sleeves, they all make it a winner. And it’s perfect for the swishy skirt. I’m really liking this outfit.

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, but you MUST try real pavlova one day! Don’t buy it, they are very easy to make, super-sweet and very decadent; they have to be served with whipped cream and fruit..mmm!


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