bespoke drapes: dressing the drapes

haute decorWell, here is one full panel of my pinch pleat bespoke drapes.  Now they need to be hung and “dressed”, which translates into this:dressingThe panels get hung and shaped into the pleats in which they will hang, tied loosely together, and then they cure, much like we cure bias before sewing it up. I’ve read varying pieces of advice. Some books say 72 hours, others say 48. I’ll be curing mine during the day, since I really want to move out of my living room and back into the bedroom. dressing drapesThat’s the valance hanging on the closet door.  I had originally hoped there would be enough fabric to make the drapes ceiling to floor length, but, as you can see, there wasn’t.  So the valance and curtain rod will be hung about 4 inches lower tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “bespoke drapes: dressing the drapes

  1. These look so lovely; I like your color choices. If your valance is long enough, how about lowering the curtain rod, but keeping the valance rod closer to the ceiling? Your windows would look larger and your ceilings higher. Just a thought. Brava

  2. Very nice! I made a whole room of curtains and roman shades. I did this treatment also. Curtains are NOT fun, but the results are beautiful, I love your fabric!


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