I’m working on a tunic top with bell sleeves made from this beautiful three-dimensional cotton guipure lace. This is a bust dart, which I’m trying to make ‘invisible’.


3 thoughts on “Lace

  1. Are you lining it? Thread trace the legs of the dart and then trim around the flowers in the way and lift them up. You can slide one leg under the other until the dart is as wide as you need and hand baste. If you need say one inch wide you can cut a path through the lace design the length you need which will resemble a snake and then weave each side under the other to make it invisible and hand baste.

    1. Thanks, Mrs. Mole! I’m following your advice and it’s looking quite nice. Yes, i’m lining it with washed silk crepe (and Ibutchered the darts on that because I was in a hurry…. Oh, well!)


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